SAFF was great! This Afterweek Tough...

SAFF was a great show and I want to thank everyone for their continued support of me and my yarns and fibers. I always leave SAFF a very grateful and humbled person - amazed by the customers, the vendors, and just the general affection.

I came home to having to face putting one of our beloved dogs down. Miss JJ came to us about 6 years ago. My husband picked her up from the side of the road where she had been abandoned. She was terribly frightened of storms and loud noises. She was a Vizsla, we believe purebred...a beautiful dog. She was my original monochrome. Here coat, nails, eyes, nose were all one of a similar red-brown color. She was incredibly soft and had a bay that would knock your socks off if you weren't ready to hear it. She didn't bark...she bayed. She also had a "special" way of complaining about not getting a bite of food soon enough when we were eating (yes, my husband is a feed at the table sort). She would "do her o's". Her lips formed an o in front and she would do short bays that kept her lips in that o.

Vizsla's are active, and we always called her "Miss Busy". She had to go see what was going on everywhere, she could run like crazy - all stretched out, she would tattle on the other dogs when they were doing something she deemed was out of line, she was ever aware of activity on our property. It has been quiet. We have all been quiet. Missing here presence. She was my morning greeter. She would come to get a morning hug and see what was going on before going back to lay down, or needing to go out.

When she first came to us, she was frightened of everyone. Over time and with lots of love, she warmed up to many people. The first visitor I saw her warm up to was Sandi from my fiber guild. Since then, many other people were rewarded with willingness to check them out and trust them with a chance to pet her.

My husband called her the Duchess, and would say she was a Romanov, but that she wouldn't tell us where the eggs were hidden. She was a lady. She was tough AND sweet AND polite.

We will miss you....

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Wow…tears afresh! You loved her well, and I will miss jumping out of my seat at lunch! And racing her out of the driveway…twice around the tree and off to the fence…byebye JJ…


As someone else has commented, you wrote a moving tribute to JJ. I lost Molly, a mini schnauzer that i rescued about 6 years ago. She too was scared of everything & everyone. To see her blossom, overcome her fears & become a comfotable part of the family was like witnessing a miracle. I hope you & family & friends find comfort in the wonderful memories of your Duchess, & that you carry her memory as a reminder of the healing power of love.


Miss Babs, I am so sorry to hear about Duchess JJ. She sounds like she was indeed a grand lady. What a lovely tribute you have written to her. May she watch over you from beyond the rainbow bridge.


I am so sorry for your loss of Miss JJ. She knew how much you and your family loved her & will continue to be with you.


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