My Knitting....

Babs here:

Well, I am an erratic knitter.  By that I mean I start a lot of projects and don't finish them.  That means I have about 10 socks still on needles, a sweater on needles, a scarf or two that are about half done.  I often call myself a serial starter.  But why do I do this??  My justification is that I need to see how a colorway knits up, or test a yarn and see how I like knitting it.  But honestly the cabinet and shelves littered with these UFOs is starting to wear on me.  Especially since I have actually finished a couple of projects lately.

One finished project is the Damson, which I knit in a one of a kind colorway called Belle.  I used my 2-ply Yummy Sock Yarn.  It took a little over a skein of yarn. So I will use the balance of the skein for something else.

Damson Shawl in Belle

I am including this picture because I love the point of view...

Damson Shawl "Landscape"

The next project that is almost done, except for seaming and a button or two is a Baby Surprise Jacket that I made in my 3-ply Sport.  Gosh, I LOVE knitting with this yarn.  It has a cottony feel, but the give of merino.  I used one of the Day at (TM) colorways which is another "one of a kind" colorway (not repeatable) and used 3 Toes (small skeins) for coordinating colors.  The Toes were in pewter, lilacs, and bruin.

Unfinished Baby Surprise Jacket