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Well, I am an erratic knitter.  By that I mean I start a lot of projects and don't finish them.  That means I have about 10 socks still on needles, a sweater on needles, a scarf or two that are about half done.  I often call myself a serial starter.  But why do I do this??  My justification is that I need to see how a colorway knits up, or test a yarn and see how I like knitting it.  But honestly the cabinet and shelves littered with these UFOs is starting to wear on me.  Especially since I have actually finished a couple of projects lately.

One finished project is the Damson, which I knit in a one of a kind colorway called Belle.  I used my 2-ply Yummy Sock Yarn.  It took a little over a skein of yarn. So I will use the balance of the skein for something else.

Damson Shawl in Belle

I am including this picture because I love the point of view...

Damson Shawl "Landscape"

The next project that is almost done, except for seaming and a button or two is a Baby Surprise Jacket that I made in my 3-ply Sport.  Gosh, I LOVE knitting with this yarn.  It has a cottony feel, but the give of merino.  I used one of the Day at (TM) colorways which is another "one of a kind" colorway (not repeatable) and used 3 Toes (small skeins) for coordinating colors.  The Toes were in pewter, lilacs, and bruin.

Unfinished Baby Surprise Jacket

The last project that I am almost done with is the Citron which is so popular on Ravelry.  I just need to tuck the ends in and wash and block.  I made this in my new colorway called "Firecracker" as it reminds me of the Firecracker flowers that show their orange heads all around here in gardens.

The picture here is from when we were on the west coast at Stitches and had stopped for a much needed caffeine infusion.  The shawl is barely begun here....

Citron Shawl
Citron Shawl and Day's End Snack

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