Thanksgiving, 2010

I wish I could say I had the weekend off to run off to the Caribbean to frolic in the sea or down to Florida to see the grandkids, I don't.  I also wish I could say I felt more grateful today than I do.  Some days are like that...wishing you felt a certain way, but not feeling that way. I don't doubt that feelings of gratitude will come upon me, my head knows I am grateful for everything we have come through this year, but my heart is feeling foggy and grey. This too will pass.

Today we are going to try and clean off the last of the detritus on the carport left from the smoke damage.  There are a few racks, a table, some personal yarn I haven't figured out what to do with, and so on.  I would like to be able to park my car there when the snow comes.  Why, oh why, some of you may ask is there still stuff left out and not put away? Well, after we did the major clean-up we had to start making color again on yarn and fiber.  There were 3 major shows left to prep for in the fall, some restocking for the website, and so on. We turned our heads to the studio and creating.  Unfortunately, everything that came out of the studio did not immediately find a home and is still waiting on the carport.  I am ready for this stuff to find a new home or be gone.

In the meantime, I have been trying to get some stuff up on the website.  This includes toes skeins.  These are great little skeins useful for colorwork, or for adding different colors for toes and heels on socks, etc.  Here's the layout of the 2-ply Yummy toes as they were getting lined up to have their pictures taken.

[caption id="attachment_485" align="aligncenter" width="513" caption="2-Ply Toes Waiting in Line!"][/caption]

The 3-ply toes are up and the 2-ply toes are coming later today or tomorrow!

And maybe a picture of a cleaned off carport! That will make me feel grateful!

May everyone have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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P.S.) Have you ever holsted a Knit-Along and Spin-Along at your Ravelry group, and done special runs of limited edition colors for them? (Pre-ordered, no less.) I’ve seen those sell TONS of yarn & fiber, and they’re super fun, too. Have a great weekend!


Such gorgeous colours!


I understand completely the inability to feel gratitude when there’s sorrow in your heart. That was a big part of my day yesterday. I did learn an important lessson, though . . . it doesn’t matter what you eat, or where/when you eat it on Thanksgiving. What matters is who you’re with, and how happy they are to see you.

Here’s to a clean carport and lots of happy shoppers taking that LOVELY yarn home with them. :o)


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