The Day After

Jen here.
Now, this morning, I had MY moment of gratitude! Thanksgiving Day is busy- Pies in at 4:30 am, Snack food prep for the day, Cranberry relish created AFTER young son gets up, stuffing made, bird prepped and in the oven by 11:00 am, and then clean up and vigilant basting, intermingled with potato peeling, laundry, 4th grade speech homework, and a few rows of knitting! You know the drill. We ate, cleaned up(kinda), and fell into an L-Tryptophan stupor. So... this morning was MY moment.
I do this twice a year. I get up early and have my special cup of coffee. Real Whipped Cream goes into a favorite tall cup(Jennie the potter) and then good coffee. It's a treat to sip hot coffee through rich cool cream. I lit some candles, and turned out the lights. I sat in the quiet and really enjoyed the sounds around me. The clock ticking, the pug snoring, the wind chimes from the front porch. The cup was warm and fit my hands nicely. I had a moment to think, and sip, and listen.

[caption id="attachment_492" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="My cup of Gratitude"][/caption]

That's when the gratitude happened. And I had a moment to explore the gratitude. And it was good!

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Hey Babs –
I have been a long time customer & fan of you and your yarn. You would recognize me if you saw me, but I’m the one who bought that sample sweater for my granddaughter at Stitches South the year before last.
I didn’t know about what happened until just now and am so sorry that you had to go thru all of this. I had major surgery in July and missed reading alot of things.
Thank God no one was injured but I’m so sorry for the loss of all of your beautiful work.
Hopefully 2011 will bring you many blessings. I missed Stitches South last year because of health issues, but hopefully will see you if you plan on being there this spring.

Phylls *
pusstatmine on ravelry

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