The Wait Has Been Too Long!

This has graced the front page of my website for too long!

It is time to decide the winners!

Here was what the front page said:



What's Missing??

What Color is Missing!??!

Here are the Details on this Year's Contest!

1. Grand prize will be two skeins of Yowza in winner's choice.

2. Four other prizes will be 2 skeins of sock yarn in winner's choice.

2a. Two of the winners will be randomly selected from everyone who entered the contest! (These two individuals have been selected and are being contacted.  Their names will be announced shortly.)

2b. The Grand Prize Winners and 2 Runners-up will be voted on by you!

3. Contest begins April 20, ends July 15.  Final Voting by You will be done the week after the contest ends. (Obviously our time line got really messed up!)

4. The goal of the contest is:

We are looking for those monochrome colors that you have been looking for and just can't add to our color line!

5. Entries should be submitted via the contact page.

6. Entries should include a description of the color, a possible name (if you have one), and where we might find an example of the color.

And the Color Hunt is on!


So we have selected 10 of the judges' suggestions and put them here for you to vote on! Voting ends on Monday, December 6 at midnight PST.  We will announce all of the winners on Tuesday December 7.

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Only one!

Miss Babs

I can only vote for one? I want to vote for eight of them.


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