A Few Firsts

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Jen here.

Now that this year's show season is finished, we have been getting around to some long overdue chores, paperwork, cleaning, and some new ideas.  The carport is finally free of the remnants from those days immediately following the smoke damage.  I am slowly getting chunks of paperwork and filing done.  The studio looks clean and organized, thanks to Kathy and Jen.  Things are labeled, hung, boxed, sorted, and the website inventory is growing.  Babs has been doggedly cropping, numbering and resizing.  We are getting applications done for next year too.  Keep your fingers crossed that we will be coming to a show near YOU...you won't be disappointed!

You have something new on Facebook to "like".  And a new Twitter-er to follow.  Check us out!  We gave away two skeins of sock yarn this week...You could get lucky too!  I was able to post a picture with my blog post, and a picture onto Facebook without causing harm to myself or the computer...more to come as we make time for posting, tweeting, blogging, and other fun stuff on the web!  We have plans, and lists, and lists of plans...and we're just getting started!

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Linkage to your Facebook & Twitter pages would be lovely. When I searched for Miss Babs on fb, I found a rather scantily-clad exotic dancer’s page . . . ;o)


Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Miss-Babs-Hand-Dyed-Yarns-Fibers/175103652499846

Haven’t looked for the Twitter feed yet as I don’t pay attention to Twitter.


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