Tierno - Alpaca and Silk Luxury Yarn

Tierno is a new yarn for us!  Actually we added this yarn earlier this fall and have only had it available at shows.  Tierno is 70% Baby Alpaca and 30% Cultivated Silk.  Each skein has 310 yards and knits at a DK gauge. It is sweetly soft and ideal for those who have wool allergies.

We now have it listed on the website and will be adding more colors and colorways over the next few months.  I knitted a scarf with Tierno using Anne Hanson's Rivolo. It was a pleasant knit, with a lovely feel as it flowed through my fingers.  Alpaca takes the colors in a more muted way, so these yarns have a luscious color softness as well as being soft to the touch.

[caption id="attachment_566" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Rivolo in Lilacs Tierno"][/caption]

We will be giving away a skein of Tierno to a randomly picked person who comments on the blog between now and 12 noon EST on Wednesday, December 15 . 

NOTE:  Your comment should include which color of Tierno you like the best and indicate what you would like to make with it.

And just so you can see what is happening in the mountains of East Tennessee. They have predicted a total of 8 plus inches of snow!

[caption id="attachment_569" align="aligncenter" width="253" caption="Snow and Wind"][/caption]

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Oooh, pretty! I would definitely use this for a cabley cowl of some sort – probably in Pewter or Charcoal Sketch.


So pretty! Choosing one color is a challenge, but I think I would go with Faerie Dust and knit a Heart-to-Heart Beaded Scarf for me!

Ann Marie


I would love to knit a cozy cowl in Cactus Garden. The colors are so warm and cheerful which might let me forget the summer heat is so far off…

Alisha in Ohio

Bronze Plum or Van Gogh to become a shawl of some kind. Perhaps another Holden Shawlette or a Simple Things neckerchief. Something with not a lot going on to showcase the beautiful colors!



Verdigris! And a cowl for sure! I cannot believe that is Tennessee … Amazing. Is it some sirt of record for there?


They’re all so beautiful, but I think I’d choose Bronze Plum for a cowl …


Regent Monochrome could make any number of projects I have lined up even more beautiful! I’m thinking a beautiful scarf or cowl, probably in a kind of lace stitching.


Beautiful. I wish I had seen this at SAFF this year – could have blown the budget. I think any of the greys or St. Paul’s Cathedral would be right up my alley. I’m thinking a classy, cabled/textured scarf for my classy father.


I’d love to do a lace shawl (maybe Maile by Carisa Chang?) in the Nell colorway.


Love the Smooch Monochrome. I am a sucker for pink. I think I would crochet a nice cowl out of it. The baby alpaca and silk is sure to keep my neck warm, and I’m already freezing and it’s only mid-December!


Oh, I love the look of Chocolate Roses, and I think it would make a lovely shawlette!

Kate B

Oh, gorgeous.

I’m making baby sweaters right now for three (!) friends who are expecting. I’d do this


In Fairie Dust!!


I like Fairy Dust, and would probably go with a Lace Ribbon Scarf.


oooh! I’ve been obsessing over alpaca lately, and those colors are gorgeous! I love all of them, but I think Charcoal sketch is the best. I think I would like a lacy little shawlette or scarf, to keep me warm in the piles of snow that have recently been dumped on me.

Chris H

Oh, my goodness! To have to choose only ONE shade?! Well, I think it would have to be Smooch Monochrome that would become a cowl for my sister-in-law.

Your pictures of this yarn are wonderful – I can just about feel the yarn just from looking! :)


I would make some armwarmers using Verdigris Monochrome. My office is freezing!


I’d love to win this. The yarn look very beautiful!


hmmmm…so hard to choose! i would probably go with terra cotta monochrome and make a scarf/shawlette with it. i have too many patterns favorited in my ravelry to pick from, do i have to decide now? :-)


I might try to eke out a Cedar Leaf Shawlette in the Verdigris monochrome. It’d be beautiful.

Christina Habberjam

I love the Blue Teal Monochrome colourway and would make a pair of wrist-warmers with the skein.


I love the Verdigris Monochrome color, its so rich and pretty. I think it would be a perfect hat, or cowl. Herm so many pattern ideas floating around. :)


Frog Belly is a perennial favorite color for me, which I would turn into a really smooshy lovely pair of mitts.


I think that the Terracotta would make a really beautiful Pretty Maids shawl. I’m definitely a shawl lover, and am on a serious kick.

All the colours are gorgeous, however.


Ooohhh! Mahogany, definitely. We got your cold and snow before you and I quickly realized I could use an all over combo scarf/cowl/hat and a soft, cozy non-scratchy yarn like this right against my face would be heavenly. It would be of my own design.


I would make the neck warmer scarf in the Van Gogh colorway….I can’t wait to order some of this yummy yarn!
Merry Christmas….snow is coming our way again today:)

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