The Monogamy Project

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jen here...

Have no doubt that I'll use any excuse to cast on something new!  This is Just Enough Ruffles by Laura Chau in Yowza.  The New part of this project in not the fact that it's newly cast-on or that it's newly purchased.  Nope!  The new part is that I'm going to FINISH it before I start anything else!  What?  Is that doubtful laughter I hear from the back row?  Or was that in my own head...

Come back in a day or two and check out my progress!

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The colorway is the Wreck of the Lucerne, and coordinates with Faerie Dust, Moss and Denim. It is essentially repeatable, but probably would/will look different. There are still a few on the website. Jen says to check Facebook tomorrow as she will be posting more pictures there!

Miss Babs

Beautiful! What is the colorway?


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