Walk to Work

I get to walk to work everyday, which is a luxury in my book.  This is especially true after years of commuting to work 30 minutes to an hour, and more for my husband.  True, we had  some shorter 15 minute commutes, but this one is the shortest.  Right now the office is in my house so I even come to my desk in my pj's.  Many of you know I start early most days, before I am ready for real clothes.

Yesterday morning's walk to work was one of the prettiest!  The snow was sparkly and light....very dry, big flakes. Here's the view as I walk to work:

Walk to Work

The sun came out yesterday and it was sunny. What a pleasure!

Another snow storm is on its way.  The weather alerts I get in my email call them "snow showers," but the final accumulation is supposed to be over 10 inches.  That's a bit more than a snow shower!

Before this snow came I was enjoying seeing the dirt and the greens and the winter browns.  We have had a lot of white for a while, and my eyes are ready for some colors.  I guess I better go walk to work and see some color there!

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