Well, changes may be too strong a word!  All I know is that things change constantly with me, as long as I get to have a basic routine in my day!  So what are these changes?

  • Jen, who has worked with me for about 5 years, is now taking care of many of the marketing aspects of the company.  She will continue to travel with me to most of my shows as she is fantastic with understanding patterns and helping you find the right colors and color combos for your projects.
  • I have hired a new person to help us with the office work that needs to happen on a regular basis.  This actually covers a lot of different duties, especially in a small business.  Her name is Sarah.

The point of these changes is that in time I will be able to focus most of my time on dyeing - which is the area I love the most.  Some dyers end up running the business and having other people work for them.  But I am making a conscious decision to still be the dyer.  And whether you believe it or not, I am the only dyer at this time.

One of the gifts of the loss I had last year is that I learned how much yarn and fiber I can produce, when assisted by a helper, in a very short time.  My helper handles the processing of the yarn after I put dye to yarn. Yes, I put in long days, but hopefully the help in the office will mean a reduction in the length of my work days.

Here's a picture of some recent yarn.

[caption id="attachment_700" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Picture of Yowza - Day at and a Shipwreck"][/caption]

I hope to see some of you at Stitches West in about a week and a half!

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Delegation is a good word. With some wonderful helpers, then your Muse will dance! Good luck at the show, see you in Atlanta, soon!


That’s great that you can still do the dyeing. Have fun at Stitches! I hope that I can go to Stitches East this year.


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