It's Been 4 Years.....

Since we’ve made any changes to the basic prices on any of our yarns.  There have been many price increases from all of our yarn and dye and fiber and other suppliers during that time, and we have been able to absorb them without passing them on to our customers.  However, because wool is bought and sold like other commodities (oil, steel, wheat, etc…), the price is affected by those same global factors that make the nightly news.  Wool prices have increased significantly this year with some of the prices rising 20 and 30%.  No doubt some of this is driven by rising shipping costs and many other things.

We are currently working on changing our labels to reflect these new prices (which are nowhere near a 30% increase), but that process won’t be complete for a few days.  We have taken this opportunity to simplify some of our pricing as well.  “Yowza” will  go to one price ($35) instead of three, and “Windsor” will go to one price ($24) instead of two.

Our “Yummy” 2-ply and 3-ply will go to two prices instead of 3.  The change for the "Yummy" yarns is up $2 per skein, except for the Shadows which will now be priced the same as Hand-painted skeins.

You might want to take advantage of the time before we go “live” with the new prices on March 16th…we won’t mind.

We will also be updating the website to incorporate our new Iris logo in the coming weeks!  We are excited to have a logo that is so closely tied to the beginnings of Miss Babs' color adventures.  Let us know what you think…we’re always glad for your input!

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Love the iris logo! Hate to see the prices increase but your yarn is absolutely worth the extra cost. Like to see the price simplifications too. Thanks for all you do for us yarnies!


I just wanted to say thanks for keeping your always magnificent yarns at great prices. I know like many others that this economy isn’t easy for anyone. I have and will remain a loyal customer.
that having been said..I love the new logo!!! :) Iris is my middle name, a family name that was passed down. I of course have a great love for them and they grow in great abundance in my yard. now whenever I think of something close to my heart..I can add that warm fuzzy feeling I get from all your yarns! Thanks and I can’t wait to see what else is in store!

pamela esser

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