Upbeat or Thoughtful?

There are times when I feel like I should just be upbeat for the sake of good marketing. Put that happy smile on.  But there just has been a lot going on in people's lives lately and it has made me thoughtful and not so full of joy.  I must also say that the loss of my inventory last summer has changed me....I worry more, and I also now understand the sense of loss people feel.

Have there been greater losses lately due to natural disasters?  Are the losses greater because we have more stuff that can be lost? Do we simply know more about the natural disasters because of the media?

I am sad for the people of Haiti, for the people of Japan, for the people of Alabama and Tennessee and right here in Johnson County.  Jen's neighbors lost their house and much of it is now on Jen's and others' properties, which now has to be picked up piece by piece.  Not only did people die, lose their homes and a sense of security, but many animals suffered the effects of the tornado.  I am not sure I ever understood how animals were impacted.

There are other stories but this one serves as an example.  A pair of geese have been coming each year to Jen and Wayne's to mate and produce a little family.  The tornado caught up the male and killed him.  The mother abandoned the eggs on the nest a few days later.  I know it is nature, but it is here and has enlarged my understanding of the impacts of the wind.

Loss, whether sudden or slow, is hard.

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Thank you for this post—and for being real and open. I’d much rather do business with someone who can be humanly vulnerable than with someone putting on a superficial show of happiness. Our sis-in-law passed away last weekend, very suddenly and unexpectedly. Loss helps us bring our focus back to what is ultimately important in life.


How sad. It’s true, we think about the material losses, we think of the loss of human life, but not animals. Having four of my own, I remember the first time we rushed home, because they were outdoors, and we had tornado warnings…


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