Miss Babs - a Real Person!

At most shows we are asked if there is a real Miss Babs?? We thought we would provide you with a picture of me.  Here I am at MDSW.  Thanks Sheila! for providing this picture!

[caption id="attachment_839" align="aligncenter" width="282" caption="Miss Babs at MDSW - 2011, photo by Sheila Bosworth"][/caption]

As usual, my eyes are closed when the picture is taken!

How did I get the name of Miss Babs??  Well, it started with my husband who is from the south and he has, off and on, throughout our marriage called me Miss Babs.  Then a few friends started doing the same over the years.  So when it came time to come up with a name for my business, it just seemed like the right name to use.

And now that crazy husband of mine sometimes calls himself, Mr. Babs.

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Darn, I wanted to see a picture-I really like envisioning the wonderful person who is am artist who dyed the yarn. The picture doesnt come up


I can attest to “Mr Babs”…. and he is sounds so cute when he says it.


Well, Barbara is my “real” name, but have always been called Babs from babyhood!

Miss Babs

THAT is a cute picture . . . . you always look so happy!!!


Wait?! So is that not your real name? I feel so betrayed! ;-)

Sarah B.

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