We've Been Searching for that One Right Word or Phrase...Can You Help?

As many of you know, I do lots of repeatable colorways in monochromes and handpaints.  But I have also started doing a lot of "one of a kind" colorways that are essentially limited editions.


We have tried using the phrase "A Day at ..." as a way to indicate this difference, and then we couldn't find more that didn't sound really contrived.  We have done a selection of "The Wreck of..." (which we will continue to do) but these tend to have a lot of blue. And then we have moved onto other names of birds, bugs, flowers, undersea creatures, and more - without really indicating that these are one of a kind.


Here's some samples of one of a kind yarns.

[caption id="attachment_880" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Seawasp in Yowza"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_881" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Fairy Slippers in Yummy 2-ply Sock"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_882" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Pickeral in Sojourn - Cashmere-Silk Fingering"][/caption]

So we have come up with a pile of words and names that are inadequate to cover the range of colorways that fall under this topic, and so we turn to you.  Surely there is someone out there who can come up with a name or a phrase that will help us explain this situation folks.  What we are thinking is that the label will include this word/phrase on it, plus the name of the colorway.


And while we're at it, let's turn it into a contest.  Submit your suggestion(s) via the contact page of the website.  You have until the end of August to submit names/phrases, and then on September 1 or 2 we will set up voting for a few days to select the best name.  We'll give prizes to the winner and the first runner-up.  The winner gets 2 skeins of sock yarn and the first runner-up gets one skein.  Any other details?? I think that covers it.  Questions? Please pose them here so I can answer them for everyone.


P.S. See you at a show somewhere soon??



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Whoops, one more (for literary fun)

Beth G.

How about “Expression: colour name” or “Unique Gem: colour name” or like a fancy wine… “Special Reserve: colour name” or “Curio Collection: colour name.”


How about:

Sole (being the only one) Seawasp
Curious (ly) Fairy Slippers
Eccentric (ly) Seawasp
Distinctive (ly) Fairy Slippers


My first time at your blog and I see I’ve missed the deadline. micropout
… oh well, if it’s still possible to submit suggestions (silly and serious) for consideration, see below:

“Solamente” (Spanish for ‘only’)
“Originique” (original + unique)
“Endangered Species” (simple)
“Singularity” (for star trek fans)
“POOF” (because that’s all there is)

(don’t mind me, I’m silly and strange…Ravelry people call me Rammskein.)

Beth G.

How about Guest Appearance?


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