Bad Girl! Bad Girl!

So I have been bad and not blogged in forever, and one of my customers told me as much at dinner tonight!  So here I pictures, I am on the wrong computer for that, but adding some words to the blog.


We are at Rhinebeck for the first time ever as vendors!  We are all excited!


We are in Building C, Booths 25/26.  Nice building with natural light and good space.  We have brought lots of yarn in lots of bases, as well as lots of fiber!


We are having a special on fiber - buy 4 braids and get a 5th one of equal or lesser value for free.  We want you to have an incentive to try our fiber, if you haven't ever.  We will also run this special at SAFF this coming weekend.  We have fiber in BFL, a merino/bamboo/tussah silk blend, as well as a luscious blend of bfl and silk, and a merino/tussah blend.  (BFL stands for Blue Face Leicester, a breed of sheep.)


Looking forward to seeing you soon!



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