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We are getting ready to head to SAFF and we'll finish packing things up today!  This is the show where we take most everything we have!  For example, I will be destashing some mill-spun that I had done for me a few years ago, and some other yarns that we tried, but decided didn't fit in our line-up, including some 100% alpaca lace.


And for those of you who think we might have taken everything to Rhinebeck, you would be very mistaken!  We saved some lovely jewels, plus many monochromes to bring in Yowza and Yummy 2-ply and more!


Don't forget that we are having a "Buy 4 braids of fiber and get the 5th one of same or lesser value for Free Sale" going on!  We have lots of fiber in BFL, Mixed BFL with silk, Merino/Bamboo/Silk blend, and Merino/Tussah blend.  We also have some superwash braids in a sock blend. And some pencil roving.


The more information is that we have decided to cancel going to the west coast for Interweave's "Knit Lab" as we are all exhausted (I have pleurisy, and my doctor suggests that I slow down a bit! I am on medication - so am doing okay, just need to take care of myself.)



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PLEASE take care of yourself! Pleurisy is no joke – I’ve had it hold on for weeks and weeks. I bought my first Miss Babs fiber this weekend at Rhinebeck and I am in love!
Take care.


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