Sojourn and Sojourn IV - A Story in Yarn

Once upon a time we found a lovely yarn to use made of cashmere and silk.  We enjoyed it and our customers enjoyed it too!  Oh so soft and dreamy to knit and wear around our necks, on our heads, and and hands.  It was nice enough that we gave some to Stephen West this year at Stitches Midwest and he used it in a design he was developing!


Then, drat! The supplier of this yarn had trouble sourcing it just as we needed to dye it so we could have some when orders came in for yarn to knit in Stephen's design. Hmm...Hmmm...what to do....what to do??  We put our heads together, we talked to other suppliers and found a lovely substitute that knits at much the same gauge.  It has the same percentages of cashmere and silk, but 4 plies instead of 2.


So here's what we are doing...Our original Sojourn will be sold until it is all gone at a 10% discount from our website.  But because we like the name Sojourn so much, we will be naming the new yarn base Sojourn IV.  It will be ready to sell by early next week.


[caption id="attachment_921" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sojourn IV on left and Sojourn Original on right."][/caption]


Stephen's new pattern is called Gyllis and can be found on Ravelry.  So your choice will be whether to knit it in either Sojourn or Sojourn IV.   Hmm...Hmmm...what to do....what to do??

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