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Jen here...We have a lot of color here at Miss Babs. There are over 100 that Babs can reproduce with regularity. Then there are the one-of-a-kinds, those fleeting and often spectacular colors that happen as part of her continual playtime with color. I just wanted to post a picture of a new Red that we will soon have across our yarn bases. This is special because Red is hard. It's hard to dye with good quality, and it is one of those colors that people have distinct opinions about, gut feelings, if you will. Some like it cool, some like it warm, some like it rusty etc...This one Pops. I think it sings! Red is not my favorite...but this one talks to me and makes me want to combine it with other colors! So here it is! I'm going back to walking among the skeins in inventory holding this Red up to the other colors...looking for a playdate!

[caption id="attachment_931" align="aligncenter" width="293" caption="New Red...Little Red...Play with me Red!"][/caption]

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You should name it Riding Hood (as in Little Red). Or maybe just Little Red :)


Little Red is what Jen suggested! So you are right in on the name game!

Miss Babs

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