Gyllis in Sojourn!

We've been waiting for this to go up on Ravelry for a few days!  Here is Stephen West's Gyllis done in my original Sojourn! This is his first lace pattern. We will also be knitting a new sample so you can see it in my booth in 2012 using Sojourn IV!


We will be adding kits on the website tomorrow in both my original Sojourn and Sojourn IV.  Feel free to contact us (use the contact page) about buying a kit if you are interested in buying a kit with the yarn in the colors Stephen used.  He used approximately 315 yards of the main color and 85 yards of the contrasting color.  We will be offering a kit with 400 yards of the main color and 100 yards of the contrasting color for $81 in the Original Sojourn.  This includes the current 10% off.


The kits in Sojourn IV will be available in 2-3 days.  These will be priced at $90 each.


We will also be adding 3-4 more color combinations in the next few weeks.



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