Miss Babs Knitting Tour 2012 - A Club for Armchair Travelers!

Miss Babs Knitting Tour: A Club for Armchair Travelers

2012 Miss Babs Knitting Tour

Are you passionate about knitting and travel?  Do you dream of knitting in far-off locales?

Well then this is the knitting club for you!  In 2012, we will be taking you to four breathtaking locations - Island, Moors, Mountains, and City – all from the comfort of your favorite knitting chair! We’ve got one trip planned every three months, which will give you plenty of time enjoy the adventure, savor your project, and rest up for the next exciting journey!

Armchair Traveler
TRAVEL:  We’re taking you on an Island Getaway in March, just when we’re ready to throw off the gloom of winter.  In June we will visit The Moors that many of us learned about as children, in time for the summer bloom.  Early fall will find us in the Mountains for the crisp, clean air of the season.  And in early December we’ll jaunt off to the big City for window shopping and Christmas store decorations. One trip is in the US, but all others take us to Europe and further, so have your passport ready!


Your travel kit will include plenty information, not just about your destination, but about the journey as well!  The details will include your itinerary, and lots of local flavor once you’re there.  In addition we will have a knit-along for each of the kits.   There will be surcis/extras with each kit that are appropriate extras for helping you knit on a trip.  Worried about traveling all on your own?  Well don't! We’re also going to throw in a Tour Guide who will be available on Ravelry, in the Miss Babs Knitting Tour Group to discuss the travel, the patterns, and the knitting!


DESIGNERS:  Your designers include:  Susannah IC (zuzusus on Rav), who has designed so many lovely shawls that we’ve almost lost count! Rosemary Hill (Romi), who designed and knit 11 shawls in 2011 alone!  Cecily Glowik MacDonald (cecilyam), whose designs include everything from sweaters to shawls to mitts and hats and are each more beautiful than the next. Martina Behm (Maltina), whose designs include a series of scarves inspired by the ever-so-popular Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!


Designers: Cecily, Martina, Susanna, Romi

PROJECTS:  We will knit 3 shawls plus a pair of mitts and cowl during this year. Yarns include my Yet Lace (heavy lace), Yummy Sport, Northumbria Blue Face Leicester in DK weight, and Yowza! Whatta Skein.  And before you go thinking that this is yet another single-skein project club, have we got a surprise for you!  Our first three installments will include either extra yardage or a complete second skein and have you seen the yardage on our Yowza?  It may as well be two skeins all by itself!


TRAVEL FEES: Fare for the Tour is $230 for members in  the US, $240 for members in Canada, and $285 for our International members.


DUE DATES: We’re offering the option of making a Single Payment by February 28 or you can break it up into Two Payments (add $10 Booking Fee for this service) - half by February 28 and balance due by March 20.


Reservations for this once-in-a-lifetime trip open on Thursday, January 12 2012. Book your ticket early, to ensure you a place on the tour, as there are a limited number of seats available! Check the website for booking information on Thursday!


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Miss Babs

Registration for new members will open on January 1, 2013! Sign up for our newsletter on the home page so you stay up-to-date about what is going on. And it is a great way to travel!!

Miss Babs

Unfortunately, we are only including a single pattern for each trip. At this point we plan for them all to be knitted items.

Miss Babs

Next year’s tour will become available to new members on January 1, 2013. Thanks!!

Deborah Gudger

Will you have open registration for new members for 2013? Please notify me when I can join.
Thanks! What a fun way to travel!

Miss Babs

Hi Yael:

The Rav group is here: http://www.ravelry.com/groups/miss-babs-knitting-tour. The ticket should have been in your notions tin.


Susan Berger

Can you tell me when next year’s tour will be available? Thanks!


Morning Babs…I know you are busy getting ready for a show. But just a quick question. Will the 2013 tour have alternate patterns for crochet? When I heard about the tour I was so excited, but I have next to know knitting skills.

Margaret Thomas

I would love to take this tour,as I have never been on an armchair tour. AM I correct in that we never leave our own comfy chairs to enjoy the tour? May I still join in the fun? I found you at the SAFF festival in Asheville, NC this past year. THis sounds like a lot of fun as I have fallen in love with lace shawls.

Miss Babs

You are correct! You do not need to leave your chair! And the tour is still available…we are closing the ticket window on the first of March.


I just receive my first destination package – it is lovely!!! thanks.
2 Q’s:
1. Where is the ticket????
2. Is there a special Rav group for the tour so that we can KAL and chat? I don’t see a thread on the regular miss Babs Rav group.


Wow – I purchased quite a bit of yarn from you at the TKGA show in Greenville NC – so of course I HAVE to join. What a great idea – not only do we get your fabulous yarn, but we get patterns and information, too! Can’t wait!


How complicated are the patterns?

Miss Babs

The patterns will be advanced beginner level. We will have a lot of support on the Ravelry group to help with any techniques you may be unfamiliar with. The support will include help from the designers themselves, along with accomplished knitters in the group. Our tour guide on the Ravelry group will also be able to coordinate adding video or step-by-step help with any problems areas.

Hope this answer helps!!


Miss Babs

Yes, there will be a pattern from each of the designers, SusannahIC, Romi Hill, Cecily Glowik MacDonald, and Martina Behm. In addition, we will be adding some appropriate surcis/extras that are appropriate for knitting and traveling! The price includes shipping.

Meri Beth Andriesse

Will there be a choice of colorway for the project?

Miss Babs

Hi Meribeth! No, there won’t be a choice of colorway. I will be using each of the locales as inspiration for developing the colorways. Three of the colorways will be highly saturated colorways and one will be soft and dreamy.

Mary Lou Tonnesen

Is anything included in these kits besides yarn?

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