2012 Spring Shows - Stitches South, Unwind, MDSW, & KYSW

Our spring show preparation is moving along well!  I have been dyeing lots of yarn and fiber and it's been drying well (sometimes this is the biggest bottleneck we have).  But lots of it is getting wound and is ready to go on the show racks to ride to shows in Big Orange.


Stitches South is in 1 week, the Unwind Retreat in Blowing Rock, NC in 2 weeks, Maryland Sheep and Wool in 3 weeks, and Kentucky Sheep and Wool in 5.  Our next month and a half is very busy.  Hopefully we will see many of you at one of these shows.



At Stitches South we will have a normal booth size with all of our normal yarn bases, plus a couple of new ones!  We will also be sharing a booth with HiyaHiya and doing a yarn and needle tasting.  They have added sharps to their needle line which are lovely to knit with.


The Unwind Retreat is a lovely gathering of knit-minded folks who do a little shopping as well. We will have a selection of yarns and fibers available for the attendees to consider.


Our biggest challenge for the Spring is trying to figure out how to stuff all of our yarn bases into a single booth!  It CANNOT be done!  So we have decided to bring a limited number of bases with us this year.  This means there will be real depth and breadth in the selection of these yarns.  We will definitely have Yowza, Yummy 2-ply (sock), Yet Lace and fibers.  We also plan on bringing Sojourn, our cashmere and silk fingering yarn, as well as a new base called Big Silk, which is a worsted weight yarn in a great 550 yard put-up.  It is 60% Merino and 40% cultivated silk.  We think that is about all we can slam into our space.  If there is something specific you would like us to bring in another base, please contact us.


We are more than happy to try Pre-Orders at Maryland this year. We have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make this as  small of a headache as possible for all involved, and this is what we have come up with:


To place a Pre-Order, please use the "Contact" tab at the top of the page and send us an email. DO NOT place an order through the website, as this will be processed normally. Pre-Orders must be pre-paid.


To pick up your Pre-Order, please come on Saturday before 9:30 or after 4:30, or on Sunday before 9:30 or after 3:30. During the Pre-Ordering process, we ask that you specify which time you will be coming, so that we can have your order in the booth ready for you to pick up. Due to the space limitations mentioned above, we are utterly unable to leave Pre-Orders in the booth during the main part of the day, as there will be no room for them!!


At Kentucky, we will be able to bring our full rage of yarns and fibers.  I believe we will again be in the main tent.


We love meeting knitters, and hope to see you at one or more of these shows!

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