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Memorial services and funerals are often difficult to attend emotionally for me, since it serves to remind me of the other people I have lost in my life.  Last week though we lost a fellow who was married to one of my best fiber buddies who has supported me through all of the start-up and ongoing phases of my business and other personal difficulties over the past few years.  Without going into details, it was a short time between learning about what was going on and his passing.  But there was enough time for his family to come spend time with him and create some additional warm memories.


What I came away with from his service is something he shared with his pastor.  He told him that he had spent most of his life trying to do everything on his own, and found out in the end that he needed everyone. I have been carrying this with me and I know this will change me.  I think Doug would be pleased.

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Thanks for sharing Doug’s wise words. What a wonderful legacy — and his memory is blessed in the sharing.


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