Where the...?

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Now that we are back in the studio after Rhinebeck and SAFF and a few well earned days off, we have discovered how annoying a certain word has become for several of our crew. "Where is this?" "Where did the such-n-such get put?" Where, where, where??? So in the spirit of giving that the holiday seasons brings, we have put our own spin on the swear jar!


The Where? jar, requires that anyone who uses the dreaded word pay into the jar a quarter for each use. Some of us have pre-paid in varying amounts...and I.O.Us are not allowed. The money we will raise in the next few weeks will go to the local humane society. No doubt we will make a nice donation, since we either cannot find what we are looking for, or someone has moved what we are looking for, or the faeries are to blame...no matter! We can't find it!

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I love it! What a fantastic idea.


LOL, after being with you all…this is funny!


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