The Leaves Have Fallen, But the Year is Not Over!!

I used to think that when the leaves had fallen, that the year was pretty well done!  But we have lots left to do this year!!

NYC Trunk Show

Next week, Jen and I head to New York City for a Trunk Show at The Yarn Company on Saturday, November 17.  Jen and I actually went shopping yesterday over in Winston-Salem so that we wouldn't just show up in Columbia pants and LL Bean shirts.  This is my normal wear for the mountains and in the studio, but we thought maybe a little dress-up would be good!!  A little consumerism is good for the economy!


Thanksgiving and Last Trip of the 2012 Knitting Tour

After our trip to New York is turkey this year as it will just be me and my husband.


Then right back in to the studio to finish up dyeing for the last trip of this year's Knitting Tour!  We will be shipping this kit by December 7.  So get ready for a fabulous trip to.....?? Well, no hints yet!  I love this one! Oh well, I've loved them all this year!!


Nashville, TN Trunk Show

On December 7 and 8, I will be in Nashville/Brentwood at Bliss Yarns for a Trunk Show!  We'll have plenty of samples and ideas for projects like sweaters and shawls, as well as last-minute gifts for the holidays.


2013 Miss Babs Knitting Tour

Signups for CURRENT members will begin on Monday, December 10 and remain open to them exclusively until December 23.  Current Tour Members will receive an email in the near future with details about how and when they can sign up.  Signups will be closed from December 24 to January 1.


On January 1, we will open the club for signups by everyone.  Please sign up for the newsletter on our Home Page to stay up-to-date.  What's coming for all of you Armchair Travelers with the 2013 Knitting Tour??  We'll be going to three cities and an island, or is it 2 islands and 3 cities, or...  That's all the details for now...but we have some new twists in mind!


And dyeing...ever more dyeing to be done!!




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