Here We Go Up Again

Well, we've been putting this off for a while, but the time has finally come that some of our yarn prices need to be adjusted upward.  This decision was forced when one of our yarn bases went up almost almost 25% about 2 months ago.  It was just as we were packing yarn to ship to the West Coast for Stitches West.  That jump forced me to sit down and really look at the increases that have been happening in the past two years on most of my yarn bases.


Throughout the years, my mission for Miss Babs has been to provide a quality product at a reasonable price.  We want our customers to feel that they have received value for their dollars.


During the past 2 years, indie dyers and big yarn companies alike have been seeing significantly increased yarn costs.  The price of wool and other fibers has increased in the world market due to a number of factors, including increased demand.  It has been difficult to pass all of these price changes on, meaning that we have absorbed some of these increases.  And we are all aware that as individuals we have all been seeing increased prices in many areas of our lives.


As some of you will remember, we did move the price of Yowza up earlier this year.  There will be no further adjustment at this time in its price.  The yarns that will be going up in price are listed below with the new prices:


We are keeping Yowza, Heartland, Hues, Sojourn, Alpacacita, Big Silk, Shiruku, Yasmin, and all the other fiber blends at their current prices.


While I wish that we didn't have to make these changes, it is vital to the health of the business that we do so...we want to keep producing yarns and fibers for you! All of us at Miss Babs want to thank you for your business, and for allowing us to continue to bring color to the yarny part of your lives.


Babs, Jen, Jen, Helen, Carmen, Vicki, Kathy, and Veronica



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