Yarn and... Molasses?

Helen here... 


My family has always been slightly different in our pastimes. Writing stories, knitting, silversmithing, woodworking, antique photographic processes, exercise, we've tried it all. My younger sister's latest thing is taking photos with a jar of Molasses. There is a long, crazy story explaining this, which you can find on her Molasses Tumbler page


At any rate, wherever she goes, and wherever other members of my family go, Molasses photos are taken. (I abstain. I'm not a huge molasses fan. Sticky things don't do well with yarn, and you never know when your friendly carry-around jar of molasses might have a bit of an accident, but I digress.) Annie is currently visiting me, and came in to work yesterday. She insisted we take a photo with the molasses, and of course we complied.


Here is the gang (minus Vickie, plus Molasses)


The Molasses also had a good time shopping for yarn...


... and hanging out with drying fiber (coming soon to a website near you!)

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