Viajante! Coming Down to the End!

My current project is a Viajante, a Martina Behm design.  She knit it out of Wollmeise lace and I am knitting it out of my Yasmin Lace. The shawl/overgarment (I'm not sure how it will fit me) has been one of those long knits that I have absolutely enjoyed.  



Yasmin is wonderful in the hands...I am sure that is part of the enjoyment, but it is also one of those projects I can pick up at the end of the day and just keep knitting without having to look at the directions.  Frankly, for me, that is often the most my mind can do, but my hands still like to be busy. 

I finished the first ball of yarn (1250 yards) and am now onto the second ball.  I did not alternate skeins, so I have added a monochrome for finishing the last 500 yards of knitting.  The second skein of the Babette was too different for me to simply switch at this point.  I think we picked a great second color - Russet - for me to finish off with.


So what would I do differently? I might use a monochrome throughout and I definitely would alternate skeins. For those of you who don't know what I mean by alternating skeins, you change every other row, or every row to the other ball/skein of yarn in order to balance out the differences. The benefit of using the two colors is that when you see the sample at one of our upcoming shows, you will be able to see that you will need to have the full yardage the pattern calls for of approximately 1700 yards.  

This pattern could definitely be knit with Northumbria Fingering, Shiruku, or Yet Lace for an equally lovely but different fabric.


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