Smurf Spinning!

I haven't been spinning much lately, but I decided to do a little last week after I sprained my ankle.  I've been sitting a fair amount, and I actually needed to exercise that ankle a little.  So I thought a little spinning might do the trick.  It seems to be helping.   

The colorway I chose is Smurf and Turf in my BFL and Silk blend.

I use a Schacht Lady Bug to spin on.  Here's is one of the bobbins of with half of the fiber spun on it before I plied it.


I did one bobbin one evening and the other the next night just to make sure I didn't overdo it!  In the meantime, Jen decided to pull out her Bosworth spindle and spin a bit of the fiber.


My goal with this was to make a worsted weight yarn that would be good for a quick hat knit.  Like I said, I haven't been spinning much lately so my touch is off.  I also didn't want to do a sample, I just wanted to exercise my ankle some.


(Imagine some time travel - it is now one week later and the rest of the fiber has now been spun up and plied!)


I have now finished spinning and plying the four ounces.  This is the first full braid of fiber I have done in quite a while, so my spinning and plying is not as even even as I would like.  But practice makes better.

Here's my skein before washing.


And here's the skein after washing.  I believe in vigorous washing and rinsing.  I washed in hot water with some hand soap in it and then did some vigorous up and down into the water to encourage a bit of felting.  I then did a cold water rinse to further encourage some felting of the fibers. 



I will get around to knitting this soon, but I do have some show samples I am doing right now as well in preparation for Stitches Midwest and Michigan Fiber Festival which are coming soon!


Oh, and my ankle is much better, but I am still babying it some.


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