It Is A Puzzlement

Sometimes, working for Babs is a dangerous thing. Getting to see all the gorgeous new Babettes hanging to dry, it is hard not to put little notes everywhere "Helen wants this one" "Hold for Helen" "DON'T TOUCH!" (I actually did this a week or two ago, for a skein of Gold Digger Yasmin. It just REALLY NEEDED to come home with me!!)


I've been practicing restraint, and the fact that I publicly announced my yarn diet at the beginning of the year means I get in trouble with Jen H if I buy more than one skein a month. But I've been here for over two years now (yay!!), and my Babs stash is still growing...
Some skeins have projects in mind. There is a skein of Shining City 2-ply destined to become this shawl. Another skein of Shining City, this one in Yowza, will end up as a Captiva Wrap. (I LOVE Shining City!)
Then there is the discontinued Northumbria Aran in Sea Buckthorn I guarded through several shows my first year here to make sure I'd have enough for Melia, the cloak/sweater from Little Red in the City. I've got two sweaters-worth of Yummy 3-ply with plans for both. (The first photo in this post is Chinese Rhubarb, which will someday become a Simple Cardigan, to show off the lovely colors!)
I've got some Boleite Yummy 2-ply to make Neuron knee-highs and semi-matching mitts for my psychology-major younger sister.
After knitting Cherry Me, I wanted to knit more Alpacacita. A dear friend looks lovely in light purples, and so this skein of Fields of Lavender Alpacacita will become a shawl for her.
We won't get into the sweaters I have planned in terms of base and color, but have not yet gotten around to buying...
But then... then there is the yarn that came home because it needed to live with me. Mostly, these are single skeins, and I've got some in most every base! Help! What are your favorite one-skein projects? What do you think these yarns should become?
L to R: Moment in Time Yowza, Queen Bee Yowza, Toast and Jelly Yet, Fork in the Road Yummy 2-ply
L to R: High Maintenance Northumbria Fingering, Wheel of Time Yummy 3-ply (2 skeins), Origami Yummy 2-ply
7 skeins Zestabivit Yummy 2-ply...this wants to be a sweater of some sort
As you can see, I have a couple of skeins that need to be matched with patterns. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment!  
**Bonus points if you know what the title of the post references!
Doing a giveaway on Tuesday, July 16 at 5 p.m. EDT of one skein of Tarte to someone who makes a comment suggesting a project that Helen can use for some of her stash.  We will use a random number generator to pick the winner.
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