Thursday - Where did the week go?

It's Thursday already!  The week is almost gone and there is still lots to do! 

I have some random things that need to be shared:

  1. We will select a winner for Helen's blog post the other day sometime today and post here and on Facebook and Ravelry.

  2. We are ramping up for shows in the Midwest and lots of things are being dyed, so we have started the pre-show frenzy that hits us periodically through the year.

  3. Jen and Jen are going to Nashville tomorrow for SSK - Super Summer Knit-together.  It is open to the public on Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4 or so.  They will be at the Scarrit-Bennet Center, 1008 19th South, Nashville, TN  37212.  If you are in the area - Check it out!!

  4. It's hot!  And it has probably been hotter where you are than it is here.  Yes, we are in the south, but we are in the mountains and it is cooler here than down the mountain.  But we are grateful the electricity is holding out and we now have central air in the studio.

  5. The daylilies are still blooming and now the Black-eyed Susans have taken off, as well as a hydrangea that has never bloomed for me before!

  6. We've uploaded a lot of Yummy 2-ply Toes for those projects that call for smaller-than-full-skein projects.


Winner announcement later today!!

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