September - Here She Comes!!

In just two days, September will be here.  It always marked the true end of summer to me, even though the days were often still hot, the light had already begun to shift and the days were getting ever so slightly shorter. As a kid, I hated it.  As an adult, I often think about how I have missed most of summer and how did that happen??

When I was a kid, summer lasted forever, now it seems like it is two weeks long.  How did I miss vacation time?  And not having a pool to laze in and swim in, that is the thing I most miss about living in Florida.  I would get up in the early morning, make coffee and slip out to the pool and swim laps - fast and slow, and sip my coffee while everyone slept.  

This summer I saw the daylilies and then the rain and weeds came.  I sprained my ankle, and walking on the uneven ground of my gardens to do weeding was the weeds have won this year.

I do love the change in the greens at this time of the year. The bright spring greens are wonderful, but the complexity of the greens as they age and darken is something I enjoy watching.  As I walk my dogs each morning, I have been seeing lots of purple flowers. Why so many purple flowers in fall?



Joe Pye Weed and Ironweed

Flax on the roadside

Here's one of my hydrangeas that has been incredible this year.  It is at the end of its season.


And I always love the Queen Anne's Lace (Not purple!!)


What kinds of flowers and foliage are you seeing where you are right now??

We'll be doing a drawing (random number generator) of one winner if you make a comment by the end of August!! The prize will be one skein of Yummy 2-ply Sock and we'll include a pattern of Martina Behm's Miss Winkle.




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Terri s

Inspiration is everywhere.


I always know summer has arrived in California when I see the purple Lupine start popping up. My best memory is traveling through the foothills and seeing massive patchwork quilts of orange, green, yellow, and purple fields of wildflowers.

Mary McNally

My sedum has been loving the rain. It’s going to be a beautiful rust when Fall arrives.

Cheryl Weigel

Don’t see much except iceplant around here but I love it when I see California poppies!


My favorite has to be the pink wild roses, still going strong even with the cooler nights we have been having lately. They smell so lovely.


My roses, crepe myrtle and hydrangea tree are still blooming. I love the change of seasons, though, and look forward to the colors of October.

Jenny Ahler

Your thistle is pretty, is a flower? I don’t garden well, so far I have an oregano plant and pepper plant that I have to remember to feed. Wish the plants were as demanding and persistent as the kitties, they might get more attention that way. Nice blog, inspiring! Sent it to my mom who loves to garden now that she retired, she even asked me to teach her to knit since she has free time :). May have make the shawl pattern – just need to buy my yowsa.


Queen’s Anne Lace always takes me back to Girl Scout camp — it was all oveer the place there, along with butterfly weed (and poison ivy which could always find me before I found it!). I loved the QA flowers but I also was pretty taken by the name itself — I thought it was so romantic.


We have some gladiolus that are surviving the heat and looking beautiful!

Chada Phuapradit

I love Queen Anne’s Lace. The flower itself is only appreciated when you see it up close…it’s like looking into the night sky full of stars. So delicate but beautiful at the same time. My mom also grows daylilies, we have yellow and rust colored ones.
Although summer is coming to a close soon and most of the flowers will be going away, the coming autumn motivates me to knit. Speaking of which I have the Albers Cowl in the Veronica Colorway and hope to start knitting it soon!.


My hydrangeas have been outstanding this summer and still continue to delight!

Laura in MI

My carpet roses are still blooming! They a beautiful shade of scarlet.

Judy Gauthier

Leaves are turning in NH already!


Right now I can enjoy from my front window the neighbor’s fuchsia and white flowers as well as the fuchsia flowers on my crepe myrtle. The crepe myrtle has held up well despite the large amount of rain we have had in south Tennessee in the past month.

FibreJunky (Carole)

You know, unless it’s something extremely recognizable, I haven’t the foggiest idea what most wildflowers are. We pretty much have grass and nothing else in our yard, unfortunately. I’ll be really glad when all the trees start turning pretty colours. That’s my favourite time of year. I just love the golds, oranges, reds…I think there are about a million different shades between all the different trees up here. It’s nice to finally live in an area with real seasons.

Shelly M

I just have Knock-Out Roses in my yard but love seeing all the purple flowers. I am almost ready for the fall with all its foliage.

Ann J

Strong colors prevail here in my neighborhood. We have cut your own zinnia farm nearby and the zinnias are still going strong. The hot pink crepe myrtles are also in full bloom.


Oh, I do love the clematis that lords it over fences and mailboxes!


We have lots of Morning Glories growing around our house. They are climbing up a trellis. It really looks nice.


Lovely sunflowers in my neighbor’s garden.


The field of bright bright purple clover!


We have beautiful Zinnia’s in our garden. The garden is dying back, but the Zinnia’s are going strong…big and beautiful. I cut fresh ones every few days and they really brighten up my kitchen.

Linda Kroencke

Complications from cancer treatment have me confined indoors. but a friend with a gorgeous flower garden on her farm has been bringing sunflowers in abundance.


I have a beautiful garden my husband made for me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer years ago. We have annoying deer here in Montana. They tore down the fence and my garden became one big salad bar for them. My sis-in-law visited this summer and we got things all replanted. I have enjoyed sitting out in the garden knitting and am loving the hot orange color of the begonias!

Susan Farbstein

Seeing a lot of sunflowers on my daily walks, and in my backyard I am seeing vines with gorgeous red almost translucent clusters of berries. I’m sure they are not edible but they make me smile!

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