Amazing Day Gradients

Amazing Day Gradients

Amazing Day has been in development for awhile! It started when Joji Locatelli and I had an online and Pinterest collaboration about the colors. After we agreed on the inspiration photos, I developed the actual colors for Joji in the spring. Then we sent them off to her when she was visiting in the Netherlands. (She can only receive limited mail from outside Argentina.) I sent a number of potential colors for her to use as background options, and she picked Pewter.  

This is what she designed with the colors! Amazing Day is an asymmetrical crescent shawl with garter stitch, eyelets, and stripes. It's simple, fun, and fast to knit.


These are the colors of the original Amazing Day gradient:

Amazing Day and Pewter

And because I couldn't leave well enough alone I came up with two other options! (You can see them all here.) The first is called "Haven." Haven is actually based on a Wild Iris colorway that I dyed earlier this fall. I loved all the subtle colors that showed up in the skeins. So I broke the colors apart and this is what I came up with.

Haven and White Peppercorn

I have started a sample of Amazing Day in Haven and White Peppercorn. It is fun knitting and goes really fast!

Haven shawl

Portal is the other option for this pattern that I developed. I saw the picture of the brightly painted door (below) on Pinterest and thought what great colors! And because people like bits of color to wear in the winter, I thought Portal would be great knitted against Ebony to really pop the colors. I have started a sample of this as well. 

Portal and Ebony

Portal shawl

Portal and Portal

We also thought it would be good to show you a quick comparison of our bright rainbow sets. They are here:

Rainbow comparison

We hope you love this pattern as much as we do! Have an Amazing Day!! 

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