Vacation... and the Trees and Gardens Go Boom!

The past 10 days I have been on vacation. How glorious it has been! Oliver and I drove to Florida where we had rented an AirBnB in Jacksonville Beach. We were 3 blocks from the ocean which was not close enough, but did the trick of getting  away from work. This was Oliver's first big drive, and he did good until the last hour and a half when he started whining a bit and moving around. Just like any kid, "Are we there yet?"

Oliver on the beach

The apartment brought back memories of the little concrete block duplex Ron and I lived in the year we got married. It had everything we needed. Oliver and I walked to the beach twice a day. Jax Beach allows dogs on the beach before 9 a.m. and after 5 p.m. which worked for me anyway. Oliver has done some training on leash, but this really got us both in much better form. I found a harness that works well and helps him not pull. By the end of the week, we were both better at this walking thing.

The funniest part of all of this is that Oliver had never done his business on leash, so....he was really surprised when I picked it up. He tried to pull away from me and it. What a face he had. After the second time, he figured out that I was going to continue this funny habit.

Oliver on the beach

I had been warned about dogs drinking sea water and then having an intestinal reaction. Well, Oliver is a lab, but he has no interest in the ocean -- he loved walking on the sand, but forget getting into the water, let alone drinking any of it.

We came back on Friday, before the real Memorial Day traffic hit the road. As I drove up the mountains I was so surprised because all the trees had filled in, everything was green and lush, my roses are blooming bloomed, my dogwood has popped. That was a wonderful vacation present!

Here's one of my front garden beds with the sage and roses blooming.

Garden in spring with roses

And here's the dogwood:

Dogwood tree in blossom

And finally, mountain laurel in bloom:

Mountain laurel in bloom

We have two weeks until studio shut-down (AKA summer vacation). Then everyone in the studio gets some well-deserved rest.


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Christel Yates

I live in Jacksonville! So glad you enjoyed your vacation here!

Mary C Silvestri

Loved the pictures and your message. Thank you!!


I so enjoyed your website! Wish I had met you on the beach! I live in Florida, and think I will come your way for the vacation days- blessings to you
and yourlovely business!

Kathy O’Shea

Beautiful dogwood!

Margaret Thomas

Oh what a great vacation, one well deserved. I am so happy you did that.. I have been saving my money to buy some new yarn and patterns and have enjoyed looking at all the new colors. You make it difficult to choose just one color. I love you Miss Babs and all the fine crew you have at the studio. Welcome back and a big thank you for all the beauty you give to us. Margaret.

Kristie Michalowski

Great that you had a getaway vacation. I need one of those soon. The mountain laurel picture brought back memories of my childhood. We had some planted on the side of the house and I always just loved them for their cheerful blooms. Thanks for posting them so I could remember ;o)

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