Artus Shawl Color Combinations

Artus Shawl Color Combinations

We are more than a little in love with the Artus shawl, designed by Natasja Hornby. This big statement piece is a fantastic way to play with colors and see how many different colors play and interact with one another. 

We modeled our palette for our Artus sample off of Natasja's original, taking inspiration from the earthy main color and range of soft and bright contrasts. The pattern calls for a sport weight yarn and we thought this was a perfect use for our new yarn, Laurel Falls. It works up to a warm and substantially squishy fabric. (Sure, you could use a fingering weight yarn and go down a needle size or two, but we think this is just right.)

The colorwork is all done using the mosaic technique with just one color used at a time, so the knitting is a little easier and stays more consistent across long rows. 


We've put together an assortment of color palettes for Artus.

A funky yellow-green gives an otherwise cool neutral palette a pop of interest:

Reds and earthy pinks warm up cool browns:

Soft blues and grays keep this palette very subtle:

While turquoise and purple really make this one pop:

Leafy green is a perfect accent to floral pinks:

You can see all our palettes for Artus here - or design your own using our Compare Colors tool!


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