Coordinating Colors for Fall 2020 Show Colorways

Coordinating Colors for Fall 2020 Show Colorways

Dyeing show colors is one of our favorite things to do. It really ticks all those creativity boxes to reminisce about the show, the season, and the people and then associate different colors with those thoughts.  

One of the most common questions we get asked is, "what other colors would you put with this?" Sometimes it's hard to imagine how to match up a variegated, speckle-y, one of a kind yarn. Especially this year, when we're not together in person, and you're not able to walk around the booth holding skeins next to each other.

Let us help. 

We introduced two colors for Rhinebeck 2020. Virtual Iris consists of speckles and washes of cool blues and purples, and it will create a calm and beautiful effect on the yarn and in your project. 

As you can see from this photo, you can easily match up some purples like Clematis, Light Clematis, Gentian, Orchid, Provence, Bougainvillea, or Dusk.

But those bits of blue-green are just shouting for a pairing.  Here's a sampling of those colors: Forever, Suspense, Topaz, Blackwatch, Beryl, Deer Moss, Coventry, Rainforest, Franklin, Relaxation, Glaze, Beachchair, By the Sea, Frozen, Cascara, or McHale's. 


Our second Rhinebeck 2020 color is Apple Season, which is made up of speckles of reddish pink, black, and green floating over a soft cream and tan background. 

There are definitely warm undertones in Apple Season, so you wouldn't go wrong by pairing it with a warm neutral like Chocolate, Sycamore, Snowshoe Hare, White Peppercorn, Parchment, Fleur de Sel, Oxidized Silver, Catbird, Obsidian, or Coastal Fog. Some soft greens, like Beryl and Beachglass, also work.

On the other hand, you could really have some fun by heading in the red and pink direction.  All of these colors would play so nicely with Apple Season: Sweet Pea, Zinfandel, Muslin, Adobe and Dark Adobe, Catherine, Plum, Shiso, and Sugar as shown below.

Our SAFF colorway is Autumn Toad Lily. Speckled and spotted like its namesake flower, our special colorway for SAFF 2020 features shades of plum, brown, and gold on a soft neutral background.

There are a whole host of colors that bring out all those speckles (mostly purples): Fig, Dusk, Japanese Maple, Aubergine, Billy Button, Provence, Shiso, Bougainvillea, Sangria, Cordovan, Black Cherry, Plum, Sagrada, and Sugar.


If these have tempted you, we suggest using our Color Compare feature to see how your own preferences work out. And, remember, it's supposed to be fun, and we're here in the studio if you need any help!

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Love this post showing what amazing yarns look like together. You have such a great eye!


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