Fall 2020 Pattern Collection

Fall 2020 Pattern Collection

We've been looking forward to sharing these new designs for fall knitting! We have partnered with independent designers to develop 6 new sweaters and 6 new accessories for this fall. There are lots of wonderful textures to explore, including diaphanous mohair partnered with solid stripes or beads; a variety of cables; and little details like bobbles, too. There are also many wonderful stranded colorwork projects in this collection. We are always happy to help you choose color combinations for your projects if you need a little creative help!

We hope you'll take a look at our Fall 2020 collection on our Project Gallery and Ravelry. (When we have multiple sources for pattern availability, we'll link them below).

First... the accessories.

There's something special about fall accessories--you can start working on them in the lingering summer and they're ready to pop on the minute the fall chill hits. This collection has three quick knit accessories, a hat, cowl, and ponchette, certain to be well-worn long into the winter, plus three lovely shawls (two triangular shawls and one crescent).


Autumn Mist by Lisa K. Ross

The Autumn Mist pattern was designed by Lisa K. Ross. Our sample was knit in the Autumn Mist Gradient Set with Mizzle Moonglow.

A crescent-shaped shawl, Autumn Mist pairs the shifting hues of gradient mini-skeins with a delicate wisp of mohair-silk. The gradient colors are all worked in garter stitch, creating broad bands of color in the beginning that narrow and elongate with each new shade. The mohair bands, reminiscent of the morning mists of the cool days of autumn, are worked in stockinette. This simple shawl is completed with a picot bind off in the final shade. Autumn Mist is both striking and diaphanous, cozy and delicate, just perfect for the changing seasons.

You can purchase the pattern for Autumn Mist directly from the designer on Ravelry or on the designer's website. 


Balsam Shawl by Lana Jois

The Balsam Shawl pattern was designed by Lana Jois. Our sample was knit in Miss Babs Yummy 2-Ply in the Smoke and Sangria colorways.

Spice up simple stripes by throwing in some cables and lace and make yourself a large, colorful, light, triangular wrap. The easily-memorized patterns may be worked from charts or written instructions and are perfect for some relaxed knitting. The Balsam Shawl begins at one tip and ends with a leafy, lacy border.


Berries, Leaves, and Vines by Michael Harrigan

The Berries, Leaves, and Vines pattern was designed by Michael Harrigan. Our sample was knit in Miss Babs 2-Ply Toes in Turkey Red, Fleur de Sel, and Box Turtle.

Although I’ve lived in tropical Thailand for more than 20 years, I grew up in the northeastern U.S. and still miss the beauty of the colors in the fall. This pattern attempts to capture some of those colors—in stranded colorwork patterns of berries, leaves, and vines—as they appear at that time of the year. The cowl is knit in the round from the bottom up, and as only two colors are used in any round, it makes for a relatively simple, yet interesting project.

This pattern is also available on LoveCrafts.



Falling Leaves Tam by Tanis Gray

The Falling Leaves Tam pattern was designed by Tanis Gray. Our sample was knit in Miss Babs Kunlun in the Russet and Soundscape colorways.

Bringing to mind softly falling leaves on a crisp autumn day, this colorwork hat will lead you from autumn into winter. Knit in the round from the bottom up, the corrugated ribbing is worked on smaller needles for a close fit, then changed to larger needles when beginning the stranded colorwork section. Eight pattern repeats create leaves dancing in the breeze, while the simple shaping brings the design together at the apex, mimicking the look of a tree when standing below its autumn canopy.

You can purchase the pattern for Falling Leaves Tam directly from the designer on Ravelry or on the designer's website. 


Ferramento by Alina Appasova

The Ferramento pattern was designed by Alina Appasova. Our sample was knit in Miss Babs Keira in the Turkey Red colorway.

Ferramento is a triangular lace shawl inspired by the beauty of ornate iron balconies, stair railings, and gateways. A geometric lace motif decorates the body and transitions into a wide ribbed border on this elegant and eye-catching triangular shawl. The shawl is worked sideways from one tip to the opposite edge, making it fun to knit and easy to wear. The size of the shawl is easy to adjust by working more or fewer repeats.


My Softer Side by Jennifer Weissman

The My Softer Side pattern was designed by Jennifer Weissman. Our sample was knit in Miss Babs Moonglow in the Flounce colorway.

Looking for a layer of warmth for a special evening? This romantic ponchette is just the thing. Knitted in luxurious silk mohair, it sits gracefully on the shoulders and features a scalloped edging, leafy lace, and a ribbed neckline. Optional beads add a gentle glimmer (especially in candlelight). Gather it up around your neck when it’s time to put on your coat, and you’ve got a cozy cowl as well!


Our Fall 2020 sweater designs are all about color, texture, and cozy shapes.  

Columbary by Stephanie Lotven

The Columbary pattern was designed by Stephanie Lotven. Our sample was knit in Miss Babs Yowza in the Deer Moss and Calming Aura colorways.

The Columbary pullover is inspired by the beauty of flight. Knit seamlessly from the top down, the yoke of this sweater is designed to mimic the feathers of a bird. The combination of colorwork and stockinette is so quick and satisfying that Columbary practically flies off the needles.

You can purchase the pattern for Columbary directly from the designer on Ravelry or on the designer's website.


Itatiaia Cocoon by Beatriz Rubio

The Itatiaia Cocoon pattern was designed by Beatriz Rubio. Our sample was knit in Miss Babs Yowza in the Migration colorway.

Inspired by the migration of birds each fall to escape the cold, the Itatiaia Cocoon is a cozy and oversized bolero-shaped garment. The pattern is worked in an attractive combination of ribbing, cables, and stockinette stitch, with details at the back and sleeves. Because of its simple construction, this garment is highly customizable in both width and length.

You can purchase the pattern for Itatiaia Cocoon directly from the designer on Ravelry or PayHip. 


Nogueira Sweater by Beatriz Rubio

The Nogueira Sweater pattern was designed by Beatriz Rubio. Our sample was knit in Miss Babs Killington in the Night Life colorway.

The Nogueira Sweater was inspired by a small neighborhood in the city of Petropolis, in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The cooler temperatures and abundant nature of the place make this neighborhood a very popular weekend destination during Brazil's fall and winter months.

You can purchase the pattern for Nogueira directly from the designer on Ravelry or PayHip.


Salty Waves by Nadya Stallings

The Salty Waves pattern was designed by Nadya Stallings. Our sample was knit in Miss Babs Keira in the Family and White Peppercorn colorways.

Using an easy-to-remember chevron stitch pattern in two colors, the Salty Waves pullover is a slightly cropped, boxy top that perfectly complements this fall's higher waisted trend. It pairs nicely with either sundresses or trousers and is an excellent choice to wear for an autumn seashore picnic or boat ride.

You can purchase the pattern for Salty Waves directly from the designer on Ravelry or PayHip. 


Tauriel by Susanna IC

The Tauriel pattern was designed by Susanna IC. Our sample was knit in Frog Belly Yummy 3-Ply and Plover Moonglow held together.

Tauriel is a comfortable pullover worked in a combination of smooth stockinette stitch and beautifully textured lace reminiscent of autumn leaves, acorns, and berries. This circular yoke pullover is knitted from the top down in one piece, allowing the knitter to easily customize the length of the body and sleeves. The stockinette and reverse stockinette patterning, together with the one-row bobbles (no turning), create an interesting interplay of textures and help make this an engaging project with minimal finishing.


Welcome Friend by Helen Cosgrove-Davies

The Welcome Friend pattern was designed by Helen Cosgrove-Davies. Our sample was knit in Miss Babs Putnam in the Black Salt and Rosy Finch colorways.

As I was designing this sweater, the pattern reminded me of pineapples, a traditional symbol of welcome and hospitality. Knitting has always been a friend to me. The act itself provides comfort, excitement, relaxation, or whatever else I'm in the mood for depending on the project. I’ve also made many of my best friends through knitting, so the tiny pineapple figures on this sweater symbolize my welcome for the positive things knitting has brought to my life.

You can purchase the pattern for Welcome Friend directly from the designer on Ravelry or LoveCrafts. 


We hope some of these projects inspire you for fall knitting!

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