Fall 2023 Pattern Collection

Fall 2023 Pattern Collection

We’re delighted to introduce our latest collection of independent designs. This season’s designers played with color in stripes, stranded colorwork, gradients, brioche, mosaic, and more. And they also let texture play a role, mixing different yarns, playing with cables and lace and more subtle textures.

You can view all the patterns on Ravelry as well as in our Project Gallery.

Dancing Ledge Shawl
Dancing Ledge Shawl by Emily Wood

Sedate ribbing in the center of this snuggly rectangular shawl explodes on either end into zigzagging stripes of colorful lace. 

Our sample was knit in the Comic Opera Gradient Set with two skeins of Zuniga Yummy 2-Ply. The pattern is available on Ravelry.

 Ivy wearing the Daredevil sweater

Daredevil Sweater by Lana Jois

Draw in with cables, spread out with lace stitches, make a beautiful fabric as you only can with handknits. 

Daredevil was knit in Fleur de Sel Killington and the pattern is available on Ravelry.

Ivy wearing the Floating Ribbons shawl

Floating Ribbons by Jennifer Weissman

Floating Ribbons features ribbons of fingering weight yarn drifting across a glowing field of mohair. 

Floating Ribbons is knit in Contortionist Tarte and Aerialist Moonglow. We have selected several Tarte-Moonglow Duos for this project! The pattern is available on Ravelry.

 Ivy holds up the Frostblossom Cowl

Frostblossom Cowl by Helen Cosgrove-Davies

The shapes water naturally freezes in as it meets a windowpane or pushes up through clay are both beautiful and fascinating: spiky edges combine into gorgeous swirling patterns. Frostblossom is the perfect cowl for keeping you warm while admiring the beauty winter has to offer!

Our sample was knit in Cordovan Yummy 2-Ply with Toes in Alcor, Fogbound, and White Peppercorn. The Frostblossom Cowl pattern is available on Ravelry and Payhip

 Sarah holds up the Gossamer shawl

Gossamer by Susanna IC

Gossamer is a generously-sized triangular wrap worked with two contrasting weight yarns that alternate between sheer and solid stripes. The thicker yarn gives the wrap beautiful drape while the lace weight yarn gives it overall structure and gossamer transparency.

Gossamer is knit in a Yowza Mini Trio in Sparkling Stream, Tranquil Waters, and Wide River with two skeins of Forever Moonglow - we have Gossamer Shawl Sets available for this project. The pattern is available on Ravelry.

Flo models the Heat Grate cowl

Heat Grate by Elizabeth Beach

This cozy cowl is knit in three colors from the top down using several slip stitch mosaic patterns.

Heat Grate is knit in a Toe Trio, shown here in Calendula, Celtic, and Slipstream. The pattern is available on Ravelry.

Flo wears the Jaipur Cowl

Jaipur Cowl by Michael Harrigan

On a recent trip to India, Michael found a red-on-white embroidered textile in Rajasthan that inspired him to render it into an interesting three-color stranded colorwork design. 

Our sample was knit in a Yowza Mini Trio in Correa, Dark Pegasus, and Slipstream. The pattern is available on Ravelry.

Alex wears the Kirra pullover

Kirra by Kirsten-Michele Kukulski

Kirra is a top-down seamless yoke sweater featuring a bold pattern, influenced by traditional Estonian designs, that is highlighted by a transitioning background fade.The cuffs and hem are accented by Latvian braids.

Kirra is knit in Yowza, shown here in Suspense with Oasis, Opulent, and White Peppercorn. The pattern is available on Ravelry.

Alex wears the Let it Rain cowl

Let it Rain by Jennifer Weissman

This relaxing project features bands of brioche that alternate with garter stitch ridges to keep the knitting interesting. The cowl is completely reversible, so you get two looks in one entertaining knit. 

Let it Rain is knit in Killington, shown here in Deep Sea Jellyfish and Cordovan. The pattern is available on Ravelry.

 Sarah wears the Minimalist Rainbow pullover

Minimalist Rainbow by Ewelina Murach

Minimalist Rainbow is a comfortable pullover featuring multicolor stripes and optional pockets and turtleneck. 

It’s knit in Yummy 2-Ply; the main color is White Peppercorn, accented with Gentian and the Vivid Mini Bundle. The pattern is available on Ravelry.

 Sarah wears the Murmuration shawl

Murmuration by Elizabeth Beach

Elizabeth's goal in this triangular shawl design is to translate the fascinating flight pattern and flow of a murmuration of birds from the dense core to the sparser fringes of a flock in motion.

Murmuration is knit in 3 skeins of Avon, shown here in Blackbird, Flight Path, and Violaceous. We have also put together some Avon Trios for Murmuration! The pattern is available on Ravelry.

Ivy is wearing the Sea Fan Scarf

Sea Fan Scarf by Veronica Ory

This two-color brioche scarf uses a careful arrangement of increases and decreases on just one pattern row to make a bold organic design. A picot cast-on and bind-off give the scalloped ends a little extra flair.

Sea Fan Scarf is knit in Yet, shown here in Mix Tape 2.0 and Eternity. The pattern is available on Ravelry and Payhip.

Flo is wearing the Stained Glass Cowl

Stained Glass Cowl by Helen Cosgrove-Davies

With this cowl, Helen wanted to celebrate the joy of a vibrant variegated skein by contrasting it against a deep black. The fine lines of black remind me of the intricate tracings in many stained-glass windows.

Stained Glass Cowl is knit in Yummy 2-Ply, shown here in Blackbird and Sunrise Swim. The pattern is available on Ravelry and Payhip.

Flo is wearing the Teranika pullover 

Teranika by Kirsten-Michele Kukulski 

Teranika is a top-down seamless yoke sweater with a deep colorwork chart that uses a series of complementary and contiguous colors worked in a lively contemporary Fair Isle motif.  

Teranika is knit in Yummy 2-Ply, shown here in Moss as the main color with Eternity and Dunes, and Fiddlehead, Old Gold, Cumin, and Dark Cygnus Toes. We have created some Color Packs for Teranika that have all of the contrast colors - just add the right quantity of the main color! The pattern is available on Ravelry.

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