Featured July 2021: Moonglow

Featured July 2021: Moonglow

It might seem odd that we're featuring Moonglow in July--after all, it's a silk/mohair blend, a fiber known for warmth. 

But all that warmth comes without any heft, which makes it a great yarn for summer stitching! Moonglow is a lace-weight yarn that punches above its weight in overall effect while physically weighing in at almost nothing at all. It's great on its own, but also wonderful for combining with other yarns, either held double, or as a stripe or lace panels. 

Join Ivy and Jennifer as they talk about Moonglow and some of our ideas for projects and color combinations in this video.

We love Moonglow for its versatility. On its own, this 72% kid mohair/18% silk blend makes for a glorious shawl. Helen's Long Distance Love is the perfect example--two skeins of Moonglow give you a substantial, yet lightweight wrap, suitable as both a cover for chilly summer evenings or bundled around your neck and shoulders on crisp winter mornings. 

My Softer Side by Jennifer Weissman similarly uses Moonglow on its own for an ethereal ponchette (the optional beads add a touch of glimmer).  

Babs' Space Elevator is the perfect starting point for any mohair newbies--it is a meditative knit, with color changes as you see fit, and the result is a one-of-a-kind, light-as-air, scrumptious scarf. 

But when you add Moonglow to another yarn, that's when the magic happens.  All of a sudden, a simple project can sing with texture and depth, without adding any extra weight. And an added bonus? Working at a larger gauge for a quicker result! Veronica's Love Note exemplifies this technique--using Yummy 2-Ply and Moonglow, she used size 9 needles on this project, making it a very quick knit.

We've been seeing the trend of adding mohair blends to fingering weight yarns for some time now--and when you do this, you can be playful with your color choices. For example, we paired two similar shades of color for our Ranunculus by Midori Hirose using  Yet in Fleur de Sel and Moonglow in Oyster. The result is very monochromatic and textured.

But with PetiteKnit's Wednesday Sweater, we used Big Silk in White Peppercorn and Moonglow in Purple Joy.  The result is much more marled than variegated, as there were bits of the Moonglow that blended with the Big Silk, and the purples were slightly softened. 

Working with Moonglow is a joy--we encourage you to give it a shot! We've put together a bundle of our favorite Moonglow patterns in Ravelry, and you can also take a peek at our Project Gallery for more ideas.

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Thank you for showing how the yarn looks in a completed project. There are many yarns that look gorgeous in a skein or hank, but I often wonder how they look when worked into an actual article. Thank you for showing us examples.


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