Featured June 2021: Yet and Yearning

Featured June 2021: Yet and Yearning

Yet and Yearning have been some of our favorite yarns for a long, long time. 

This is the same yarn in two skein sizes: Yet is a 400-yard skein and Yearning is a 1200-yard skein - depending on your project, one will probably be the better choice!

Somewhere between a true laceweight and a fingering weight, we think of Yet/Yearning as a 'rustic' lace yarn, even though it's a sophisticated merino and silk blend. The slightly heavier grist of this yarn means it's easy to work with, especially for newer lace knitters. 

Yet makes a beautifully lightweight and airy garment - the non-superwash merino means it will hold blocking well, and the silk gives it a soft sheen and strength that also holds up to beads and wear.

One of our favorite things about this yarn is how it wears. Much like linen, it seems to get better over time. 

In this video, Jennifer introduces Yet and Yearning and shows off a few of our samples knit in these yarns. For more project ideas, you can check out our Project Gallery for Yet and Yearning projects.


Pro tip: while this yarn is a 'heavy lace weight' we have been successful in substituting Yet for fingering weight yarns in many accessory projects, like shawls and wraps. We typically go down one needle size, which will make a slightly smaller garment. Yet can also be an economical choice for multi-skein projects ($17 for a 400-yard skein of Yet as compared to $26-$30 for many fingering weight yarns).

If you like working with lighter weight yarns, we really hope you give Yet and Yearning a try! 

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