2020: Actions We Are Taking

2020: Actions We Are Taking

The past few weeks and the past 5 months have given me and all of us much to think about in terms of systemic inequality and racial justice. We each have a part to play to help bring about positive change in our communities. As I have written this blog post, I have thought long and hard about what I really wanted to communicate. 

I will own that I am not personally social media comfortable but I do believe in acting out my beliefs and values. I am uncomfortable discussing my donations to non-profit organizations and normally do so quietly simply because I believe it is the right thing to do. But I now believe that I need to do so and to do so on an annual basis. 

I have a long-term outlook. I believe in giving to organizations that promote education and training for long-term success, particularly those aimed at disadvantaged communities. I also believe strongly in giving back to my local rural community. Another focus is disaster and rescued animals.

So these are the organizations I currently support because I believe in these organizations. I would love for you to support them if you are able.

  • Year Up - provides a year of skills training and internship/mentoring to youth. I encountered this program over 5 years ago and have been donating regularly since. This past week I made an additional donation in addition to my regular yearly contributions.
  • Strive - provides job training and career development.  I also found this organization 5 years ago and have been donating every other year.
  • Black Girls Code - thank you to Casapinka for bringing this worthwhile organization to my attention recently!
  • Color of Change - the nation’s largest online racial justice organization.
  • Local Senior Center hot meals program - which has recently depleted funding due to expanded needs due to Covid-19. Their funding should be back in place by August.
  • Local Community Center - which among other things provides after school programming.
  • Local Arts Center
  • Local NPR station
  • SIUE - my alma mater for my bachelor’s and master’s degrees
  • Local pet and horse rescue organizations
  • Putnam County, TN after this year’s tornado - many thanks to those of you who purchased our new Putnam yarn and supported this donation
  • Kiva which is a micro-loan program through which I have been loaning to small business owners since 2013.
  • And while it’s not dollars and cents, all employees are encouraged and are given time to go vote! Voting is critical. Are you registered to vote?

These are the primary non-profit organizations to which I have donated in the past year and should give you an idea of the scope of where I put my dollars. 

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Tank you for being transparent about what organizations you are helping to achieve their goals and hopefully bring about change. I support an organization in Colorado that puts service dogs and members of the blind community together

Lynne Morley

You sharing this list in turn introduces others to these worthy organizations. There were several there that were new to me. Thanks!


So glad to see that you are thinking in the long term.

I have been doing a lot of thinking too, and that includes re-evaluating which stores I’ll be shopping from in the future.

An Instagram post means nothing if there’s no action behind it.


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