Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year 2020!

It's been a while since I personally posted on the blog. I could apologize but I'm not going to. Going through grieving of a loved one is incredibly difficult and goes on much deeper and for much longer than I imagined. My sadness didn't keep me from working, but it kept me from connecting with others. Those "others" include everyone from family to folks and friends at shows. It's just tough. I have reached the 3 year mark and the cloak of sadness seems to be dropping off my shoulders. I have been making a real effort to reconnect with folks and to expand my activities outside of work and home. This effort seems to be paying off and I feel much more content.

Oliver is now 4 years old and really mature fellow, although he still gets very silly at times. He has been a wonderful companion dog for me.

Oliver, a black Labrador Retriever, outside in a wooded area, playing with a stick

In addition, I have taken 3 weeks off since mid-December to give me a chance to sleep, spend time with family, and begin getting ready for the new year.  I didn't fully turn off as that's hard for me to do. But I really took time to think about things and how I want to go forward over the next year and more. Everyone at Miss Babs was very supportive of this time off as it has been 15 plus years since I really took a vacation.

And now as we like to do in January, we are planning for the coming year. Laying out approximate dates for pattern releases, newsletters, club shipments, production schedules for various projects, and so on. And we have a variety of things in the works - everything from a kernels of ideas to projects close to "ready for prime time!" I am excited about what is coming and can't wait for the year to unroll - but patience is a virtue! 

All my best! May we all have a very Happy New Year in 2020!

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Just returned home from a visit with my daughter in Sarasota where I purchased my first skeins of Miss Babs yummy yarn to knit Unheeded Warnings shawl as designed by Barbara Benson. The colors and texture are wonderful and knit up beautifully. Thank you so much.

Sally Ballenger

Oh how I love your yarns! So appreciate all the work and time you put forth to make each yarn so individual and beautiful. Your company is just a delight to work with.
Looking for to all the yarns coming out this year.
Blessings to you for a great 2020!

Marlene Kelly

We all love everything about you @nd the whole crew at Miss Babs. Looking forward to great designs and beautiful yarns as always. Thank you for everything you have given us knitters. Love to all, a very loyal fan, Margaret T.

Margaret Thomas

I LOVE everything you have. I have never been disappointed with a single thing I’ve ordered and only wish I could knit faster so that I could produce more. I’m sad that I could not participate in the Miss Babs Book Club this year. I so enjoyed all three books but fell behind in the projects and felt like I needed a year to catch up. I know I will miss the wonderful surprises coming in 2020.

Marilyn Wheatley

God bless to you and your crew for touching our lives with your beautiful fiber creations.


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