Introducing Avon

Introducing Avon

As 2022 begins, we're excited to introduce a new yarn, Avon! The smoothly flowing nature of this yarn made us think of a smoothly flowing river... hence Avon.

Avon is a light fingering weight blend of 85% fine Merino wool and 15% silk that will glide gently through your hands for beautiful accessory and garment projects. Avon is a slightly finer yarn than our Yummy 2-Ply, and is soft with a gentle sheen from the silk. Avon's delicate and refined feel belies its inner strength. When you're looking for a yarn that's got that extra special something but will still showcase your stitches beautifully, Avon is a great option.

The photo above shows both Yummy 2-Ply (across the top) and Avon (across the bottom) in the Fire Swamp quartet. 

Avon's 490 yards per skein give you flexibility for lots of projects. We envision Avon in all kinds of light-weight accessories, and it will show off both plain and fancy stitching with equal success. For some fingering weight patterns, you may wish to go down one needle size when using Avon - it all depends on how drapy you'd like the fabric to be.

We're launching Avon in Quartets right now for Mary Annarella's As You Wish MKAL, but expect Avon to be available individually soon.

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Hi! As a lover of all Miss Babs yarn, I’m eager to try Avon. Is it suitable for socks?

Barb Monte

I cannot wait until Avon is released in individual skeins. It looks scrumptious. Would it work well with Yummy 2-Ply?

Connie G

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