Introducing Damask

Introducing Damask

Introducing Damask--a flowing, lightweight blend of silk and linen, perfect for summer tops and accessories. The silk is sleek and smooth, punctuated by the less uniform linen fibers. The yarn has a 4-ply construction to create a balanced fabric. Like all yarns with this fiber content, Damask has very little memory or bounce, but excellent drape.

skeins of Damask yarn arranged in a rainbow
Damask is 65% cultivated silk and 35% bleached linen in 3.5 oz. skeins with 420 yds/skein. Our colorways will appear different on Damask than on our wool yarns - the dyes we use are only taken up by the silk, not the linen, giving the yarn a softly heathered appearance.

The above photo shows the differences between the same color formula dyed on Damask, compared with 100% superwash merino Yummy 2-Ply. As you can see, the colors on Damask are softer and less saturated overall. The colorways shown in this photo (left to right) are Topaz, Stowaway, and Coral.

For its debut, we've dyed Damask up in about 30 monochromatic colorways. Quantities will be limited at this time, so please buy enough to complete your project! 

We love the thought of this wool-free blend in drapey, lacy tops and accessories for warm weather. As Jennifer has found out, it's also a great weaving yarn! 

Here are some pattern suggestions for Damask - both summery tops and accessories - to get you started. The pattern links below go to Ravelry.

Caesura Tuck is a summery, easy sleeveless top with a generous A-line shape and interesting textural details.

Bolan is knit side-to-side in panels, giving it a boxy shape, and features a lace pattern across the top. 

Edie is a simple top-down t-shirt with raglan increases and textural stripes across the body. 


Lightweight Hipster is the one-skein sibling of Joji Locatelli's popular Hipster Shawl--it's lightweight and quick to knit, making it the perfect summer accessory.


Morning Stillness is a beautiful triangular shawl that plays with different eyelet-chevron motifs and ribbing to create an elegant, modern piece.

is a relaxed sweater with a lot of drape and big pockets on the sides. It’s the perfect garment for lounging and relaxing, and an easy to knit top-down design.

Donner is a loose-fitting sweater designed for a drapey yarn. It's knit from the top down in a textured slip-stitched pattern that will work nicely with the Damask colorways.

Nelia is a versatile wrap in two sizes (using either one or two skeins), and incorporates an airy lace chevron motif makeing this the perfect project for warmer weather.


Banana Leaf Shawl is a simply textured shawl that lets the yarn do all the talking. It makes a beautiful summer wrap for those chilly evenings.


Crisp Day Shawl is an open and airy crochet shawl that uses a variety of crochet stitches and clusters.  

Milflores Shawl combines single crochet v-stitch with chain loops and half-treble fans for a dainty, allover lace pattern.


We hope this gives you some inspiration for Damask, and can't wait to see what you do with our new yarn!

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