It's November 2018!

Well, I can't believe that it's November. It was only January or maybe June just  yesterday. This year has flown by! I have barely blogged and not really stayed in touch. It's been a second year of learning how to live without my husband, and begin to find a path to what comes next. And I still don't know what comes next, except that I keep getting up each day and putting one foot in front of the other.

But a real turn did come for me in early summer after my vacation. My attitude has changed, I feel recharged and reinvigorated, and best of all reconnected with the people in my life. I was sad for a long time before Ron died (he was ill for a number of years), and sad for a long time after. I have shaken off much of the sadness, and find myself seeking new colors, and new ways of seeing the world. 

One of the greatest joys this year has been developing the colors for the Advent sets, as they allowed me to play with the making of color in a way that didn't require the creation of formulas. This lets me make connections about how different dyes/colors influence each other that will then percolate in my brain. These combinations will come out in the form of new colors for gradient sets or seasonal collections, or just because we need a new color. 

Thanksgiving in the US will be here soon, and I wish to express my gratitude to all of you who have been there for me through this grieving process, who have expressed loving thoughts, who have prayed for me, and have allowed me to be exactly where I am. There is no fast way through this.

P.S. Like many of you, one of the ways I help myself get through difficult times is to knit. Here are some of my projects this year.


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Eileen Stack

a Little late in reading November but I too am happy you are moving on . I too was widowed 20 years ago and still miss my husband even though I have moved on and lead a very active life but i find the in holiday season it takes more effort to keep doing. This seems to be true with my widowed friends. Knitting helps and I teach in LYs which also helps. Take care and enjoy the holidays

Denise Norber

So glad to read this today. And to read that you seem to be truly on the path to healing from your loss. The passing of a loved one can stop us in our tracks but it’s important to take a breath and realize that life does go on and that we can still find joy and inspiration in it! I’m looking forward to watching (and benefiting from) your creativity bloom again! Be truly well, Miss Babs.



So good to hear from you and to read that you are continuing the healing process. Understand you are not alone.
As well, I am excited about your color connections and look forward to what that will bring to all of us.

Kristie Michalowski

All is lovely! Especially that roving and handspun…might need some of that! So happy that you are doing well too.

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