I've got a notion

I've got a notion

Notions are a maker's best friend--and they make great gifts, too!  Lucky for you, we're chock full of 'em!  Pro tip: forward this post to your gift-giving friends, it will certainly help them out!

I'm going to sort our notions into two categories: basics and oh-that'd-be-lovely.  Let's start with basics.

1. Needle gauges.  We may be fussy about our needles, but needle gauges work for everyone!  The top is a new acrylic gauge solely for measuring needle sizes.  It's small (fits in the palm of your hand) and brightly colored (so it won't get lost in your bag).  A perfect treat!

Below is Akerworks Knitting Tool--it's a needle gauge, but also a gauge measurer, and it comes with a few other nifty tools--tiny scissors, a tape measure and there are two magnetized pockets for stitch markers or tapestry needles.  This is a bit more comprehensive of a tool, but it's perfect for stitchers on the go!

Another basic: scissors!  You can't have enough small scissors (mostly because they seem to go missing quite easily).  We love the traditional stork snips, but also have a soft spot for colorful scissors as well.  

Oh, let's not forget stitch markers!  Here in the studio we've all got our favorites, but these Chocolate Box are so. much. fun! And they won't get your project sticky!


Under the "oh, that'd be lovely" category, there's so much to choose from!

The Strickplaner for 2022 is a great project planner, and new for this year, it's undated!  

If you prefer blank books, we have plenty of hand-bound options from Outbound Arts--these books come in a variety of sizes, each bound with a specific type of paper from dot grid to lined to watercolor.  These are all one-of-a-kind and a truly special gift.

If you knitter works with beads, we now have a variety of seed beads and the Fleagle Beader tool! 

And last (but definitely not the least), consider a project bag!  Yes, as makers we can be slightly fussy about how we carry our projects, but we've got plenty of styles--certainly one will suit. 

The Asa Bucket Bags are reversible, and cinch nicely at the top.  They're sturdy enough to stand open on their own, and can hold a substantial project.

Our Maker's Caddies are small, but MIGHTY with shorter sides so nothing gets lost in the abyss of the bottom of a bag.  Made from the remnants of vintage quilts, the caddies are lined and have cotton webbing handles. 

Our Blue Spring Craft bags are made from waxed or heavy duty canvas, and are offered in a variety of sizes--from the huge Everywhere Bag to the sweet  On the Go bag.  All are lined, have internal pockets, and durable leather handles.

Notions are an excellent gift for the maker in your life, or as a present for yourself!

For more on our favorites, you can also check out our recent zoom call with Babs and Jennifer:

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