Kaweah: an all-American yarn

Kaweah: an all-American yarn

Kaweah is made, start to finish, in the United States. As our supplier put it, 'the sheep eat American grass!' but the yarn is also spun and superwash-processed in the USA, and of course then it's dyed by us here in Tennessee.

Kaweah has always been this way, but we realized we were hiding our light under a bushel by not telling you! So going forward, new skeins of Kaweah will get a label that includes this information.

Kaweah is a great DK weight yarn, with a relatively crisp hand and a round, bouncy construction that will give great stitch definition to your projects. It's a good choice for both accessories and garments. Just check out these cables!

To compare it with our other DK weight yarns, it's springier and a bit sturdier than Yowza, which makes it a great choice for projects where you really want stitches to pop. It's nice and round like Kunlun, but Kunlun is a luxurious merino-cashmere-silk blend that works up to a velvety-plush sort of fabric.

We've put together a bundle of great pattern suggestions for Kaweah on Ravelry to inspire you.



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