Late Fall 2019 Patterns - Part 2

Late Fall 2019 Patterns - Part 2

Introducing the second part of our Late Fall 2019 pattern collection!

These are one-skein or one-set accessory projects, perfect for skill building, gift giving, and finding a purpose for that skein you just couldn't leave behind. You can view the whole collection on Ravelry or our Project Gallery.

Thanks to Teddy, Hannah, Syreeta, Alex, Anna, and Avery for modeling.


Basket Weave Eyelet Shawl by Sandi Rosner

We love one-skein Yowza projects! This asymmetrical triangular shawl has enough openwork to be comfortable in any season without looking overly “lacey”. The basket weave eyelet pattern works just as well with a beautiful semi-solid as it does with more variegated colorways. It's shown here in Favorite Boots Yowza. The pattern is available on Ravelry and PatternVine.

Every Bit Cowl by Stephanie Lotven

This cowl was designed for knitters who love the look of a shawl, but only have the time and yardage for a cowl. Worked seamlessly from the top down, it knits up quickly, and wears like a hassle-free shawl. This cowl is designed to keep knitters engaged by combining lace, cables, and texture. Each section is easy to memorize, and fun to knit. Best of all, this is a one skein project. Simply adjust the length of your ribbing, follow the simple yardage directions for bind off, and you will use EVERY LAST BIT of your skein. It's shown here in Japanese Maple Kunlun. You can get the pattern from Ravelry or from Stephanie's website. Stephanie is also having a knit-along for this pattern on her Ravelry group now through December 10, 2019!

Games Night by Robynn Weldon

 Parent-and-child cowls evoke the fun of Snakes & Ladders with a garter-stitch spiral that widens as it goes, spreading to cover the shoulders for a warm outer layer and ending in either a snake’s head (embellished with embroidered or button eyes and a felt tongue) or a more restrained square corner. Alternating colors suggest the bright blocks of a game board. Shown here in Yowza Mini Trios - the child's cowl is in French Marigold, Ginkgo, and Scarlet Letter; the adult size cowl is in Blue Slate, Franklin, and Pallon Beach. The pattern is available on Ravelry and PatternVine.


Into the Leaves by Jennifer Weissman

Into the Leaves celebrates the family fun of jumping into a pile of freshly raked leaves. It is a garter-stitch scarf or cowl featuring leafy bands of lace. The reverse side of the lace is equally handsome, with waving ribbed lines. The mix of stitches makes for an entertaining knit and a lovely, easy-wear accessory.

The pattern includes instructions for a scarf, a buttoned cowl and an infinity cowl. Instructions are fully written, with optional charts for the lace and step-by-step Kitchener Stitch instructions for the infinity cowl. You can knit this piece in Yowza or Killington (our cowl sample here is shown in Plum Yowza).

Origin Hat by Jesie Ostermiller

This textured beanie is versatile enough to please every member of the family. With two brim options and an optional pompom, you are sure to find a little something to suit everyone’s taste. The hat is worked seamlessly in the round and knit from the bottom up (using charted or written instructions). The texture is created by using simple knit and purl stitches alongside slipped stitches and a handful of bobbles. It is interesting enough for the experienced knitter but still approachable for newbies. Choosing a solid or semisolid yarn will really help highlight the texture of this beanie, which might get lost on a highly variegated yarn. Our Origin Hats were knit in Thunderstorm and Fiddlehead Kunlun.


Ups and Downs by Kristina Vilimaite

Three different stitch patterns are used in this cowl to display zigzagging lines that run parallel. For me, it symbolizes that friends and family members care for each other whatever happens in their lives, and go together through any ups and downs.

The zigzag pattern is fun and the size of the cowl is adjustable, so it would make a great gift for any friend or family member you love knitting for. The Ups and Downs cowl is a fun and interesting knit in three colors of Yowza Minis, shown here in Cumin, Denim, and Fleur de Sel


Vineyard Shawl by Lana Jois

Start by casting on a single stitch and watch lovely vines emerge from it to become a large, lacy, light-as-a-feather triangular wrap. The easily-memorized lace pattern may be worked from charts or written instructions and is perfect for some relaxed, outdoor knitting. The Vineyard Shawl is knit in Dried Lavender Dulcinea

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