Mad for Plaid Color Combinations

Designed as a framework to showcase Yummy 2-Ply Toes and your favorite colors, Mad for Plaid is an excellent opportunity to go wild and crazy with color, or soft and gentle. One color will serve as an anchor in your warp, and allow a wide range of other colors to play together in the weft.

You'll need two Toes skeins of the main color (MC) and one each of three contrast colors (CC). We've created ten color combinations here to get you started, but we can't wait to see what you come up with! We suggest using monochromatic colors in this project.

MC: Obsidian.
CC: Floyd, Dandylion, and Supernova.

MC: Obsidian.
CC: Zing, Clematis, and Ghoulish.


MC: Pewter.
CC: Coos Bay, Spicy Papaya, and Buzz.


MC: Draco.
CC: Cygnus, Matar, and Insight.

MC: Pegasus.
CC: Topaz, Carnelian, and Coventry.

MC: Smoky Quartz.
CC: Threshold, Angelina, and Shale.

MC: Obsidian.
CC: Violacious, Marine, and Curiouser.

MC: Obsidian.
CC: Threshold, Moss, and Aubergine.

MC: Topaz.
CC: Provence, Lilacs, and Coventry.

MC: Pewter.
CC: Pyrope, Parchment, and Coos Bay.


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Peggy Martin

OMG, I so want to learn to weave and get myself a loom just so I can make a scarf! Gorgeous colors!

Kristie Michalowski

Beautiful! Great color options too.

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