March 2020 News

March 2020 News

To all our customers:

Like you, we are monitoring what is unfolding and staying aware of developments as regards COVID-19. While this is a stressful time and difficult for all of us to understand, especially as recommendations are changing rapidly, we are committed to doing what we all need to in order to stay safe.  

Our Mountain City, TN studio has been a closed workplace for many years - we don’t have a retail outlet here. Currently, our rural location has meant that we are seeing fewer day-to-day impacts from the coronavirus, but we are working to help keep our workplace and our families safe.

What we are doing:

  • We are following recommended hygiene precautions including cleaning, sanitizing, and handwashing, to keep our workplace clean and safe. All staff have been asked to stay home if they don't feel 100% well or are exhibiting any kind of symptoms of illness. 
  • Sick leave: Miss Babs is providing up to two weeks of sick leave for all employees.
  • Customer service: as always, we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service over the phone and email. We invite you to shop online with us!

Looking ahead to the next 30 to 60 days: 

We expect that shows over the next month or more will be canceled as officials determine what is best for all, and as we all avoid gatherings of large numbers of people. So far, DFW Fiber Fest has officially been canceled. 

We will keep our show schedule updated on the website as we move through the spring and summer. We always enjoy seeing you at shows and canceling them is hard on us all. However, these cancellations are absolutely the correct measures to take to help “flatten the curve” of COVID-19 infections and prevent further spread of this virus.

We are all in this together. Let's be kind and keep each other safe. As part of that, if someone we know is self-quarantining, we should also make an effort to reach out to them so they don’t feel isolated.

We know that knitting, crocheting, weaving, and all crafts can be a soothing comfort in periods of stress. Thank you for being part of our yarn-y family as we all navigate these unprecedented times.

- Babs Ausherman and the Miss Babs Team


PS: We've gotten a LOT of spam lately on the blog, so comments are moderated for that reason.

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Just received my order and as usual – yarns are yummy and just as I envisioned! Thank you for great selection of Favorite Boots skein – it looks great with the Espresso and Adobe gradients. I am using these for the Festival of Stitches MKAL that starts later this week. Again, thank you.

Sharon Shaver

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