March Marches On

March Marches On

Wow! It's already March, and actually halfway through the month - but I am so happy Spring is almost here. My daffies have popped up and the flower heads are setting. Most of my daffodils are in shade so they come on later than many in the area. 

Daffodils almost ready to bloom

In fact, Beth (our shipper) has a hill of daffodils that bloomed over the last 2 weeks! They are absolutely beautiful.

Yellow daffodils blooming on a hilly roadside

The greens of early spring have popped in my neighborhood. The moss is brightening up all through the woods next to my house. Is it any wonder that I love acid greens as much as I do?! They surround me. 

Soft green moss in the woods

A tree trunk covered with green moss

We are thinking about what is coming...and I've been playing with color as we get ready for a few trunk shows and a Virtual Maryland Sheep and Wool. And who knows, maybe we'll get to see you in person come September and October! 

I hope you have a wonderful Spring! What's blooming in your yard? 

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